Growing up as a Christian, I think there are a few things that you get very familiar with. One of those is the truth of “thanksgiving.” The common line “In everything give thanks” is frequently quoted and without doubt, I support this cool phrase:

“Your attitude determines your altitude in life, and one of such is an attitude of gratitude.”

I recently watched an 80 year old woman whaooo (amaze) thousands of people (live) and millions worldwide with her powerful rendition of “No regrets”. When she was asked how long she had waited to do that, her answer, for me was FANTASTIC. She said in her mesmerizing Scottish accent “I am just thankful I am here tonight”.


She did not go into all that had happened in the past, she was just grateful for that time… I think it is a lesson worth learning… Be thankful to God for today…  Yesterday is gone, tomorrow isn’t here yet, but today is what you have!!!

I am saying mine: “God I thank you for today”.


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