Sunday afternoon, the sun high in the sky, the breeze blowing gently and a lot of people walking the west end of London, Leicester square to be specific, and I was there too.

In the midst of the hustle and bustle, I saw a very hot* (with an extra t) lady walk by {I mean hott because the sun was shining on her} carrying an ice cream cup with the inscription “guilt free snog”.

I wasn’t really sure if it was truly available, but I couldn’t even think about it for a microsecond because actually, I was at Leicester square for a date. What would my date say if she ever knew that I contemplated going for a guilt free snog {GFS}? Unthinkable! So I didn’t.

However, one of the attractions of a guilt free snog {GFS} is lack of commitment. You simply do what you have to do [not so much an obligation] and move on {possibly without looking back}, so why not.

But before you start judging me about the content of my thought in Leicester Square after church on Sunday, think about it, GFS really sounds appealing, and at this point, I don’t mean literarily anymore. Many people do a GFS in their lives so much that they blur the lines between good and bad. Take stealing at work for example, some will say “my company is a VERY big company”, so they would not notice that it is gone! {Yeah but ain’t that still stealing?}

Guilt free snogs at home are something else. A parent can do a GFS on a child, especially after chastising the child inappropriately. Whipping and lashing plus the other ones you know. If you ask the guilt stricken parent why the beating, they say the common GFS line, “The devil is in the heart of the child, I need the rod to chase it out”. [Sometimes I am convinced the devil has left the child, and possibly entered the parent]. The bible truly said “Foolishness, not the devil”.

Disclaimer! – Please discipline your children, it is essential, but don’t overdo it.

By now, you should be guessing that the phrase “guilt free snog” {GFS} means a wrong action that you have convinced yourself is right, or not so wrong. The more you convince yourself, the more you believe it, the more you do it. It is like when Lucas from EastEnders drove Denise to the lake to baptise (I mean kill her) to protect his past murders. Consciously or unconsciously people are searing their consciences, and that inner voice within that tells of wrong doing is not audible anymore. Once the conscience is gone, then there is no guilt, and you can snog your way to Hollyoaks.

A man touched a lady inappropriately, and was questioned about his action. His response was simple, “my mind wasn’t there, so I did not derive any enjoyment from it”…. hmmm does that make it ok now? I can imagine people practising “bestialism” giving a similar reason for their act.

In the church, GFS [not so literarily] also happen. When a so called brother/sister destroys another brother/sister through gossiping etc and they give a GFS reason such as “At least I wasn’t lying, I told the truth about him/her.”

My response is, well, yes you told the truth, but I don’t think anyone needs to lie to find something wrong in another person. So telling the truth is not enough a reason to cause the downfall of another brother/sister, “Tell the truth in love” said the bible.

Guilt free snogs are so common now, if you are not causing controversy in your actions, it does not seem like you are alive and well. Like when Obama gave a GFS to Medvedev knowing well that the Russian government had planted spies working in America. That was so cool.

Guilt free snogs are just plain wrong! Aren’t they?. Sleeping with your best mate’s wife will hurt your wife as well as your best mate, but sleeping with a stranger is not any better, is it? It is like comparing John Terry to Tiger Woods and trying to find who is better!

Snogging is not wrong, if done in the right (I mean RIGHT!) environment and I am not talking about under the stairs on the London underground, but rather in a relationship environment.

Once guilt free starts getting into it then, be careful, your conscience is dying slowly. If you are not meant to do it, speak it, say it {that applies to everything}, then don’t.

Don’t look for cheap unreliable things like a GFS, instead, invest wisely in the things that will yield the best results and that will last. Your life is precious, don’t gamble it away. Adhere to boundaries, appreciate authority and show respect to life.

By the time my date arrived in Leicester square, I had kept myself busy doing other things, like taking pictures with a clown and a guard from the palace – lol.


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