Q 1)      Have you ever had a “word” from God, but the opposite of what you had happened?

If yes, then read on.

If no, then read on. (lol)

Q 2)      How much more difficult do you make it for God to help you?

For many of us, we are busy bodies; always running around doing things – the wrong things.

Our lack of faith isn’t just lack of faith; it is more of ‘belief in doubt’. Faith without works is dead, right? But with us we do doubt full of works. We go the extra mile to reinforce our doubts.

Like in the story of Lazarus, the sisters told Jesus Lazarus was ill, and Jesus gave them a word “The sickness will not result in death, it is for God’s glory” – John 11:4.

But then he died!

The sisters had a word. They got a word from Jesus. It is like God spoke to them, like they got a word from the bible. They had a confirmation, but still, it seemed the word failed. Lazarus died.

You had a word that you will win, and then you lost.

You had a word for the baby, and then the baby died.

You had a word for your marriage, but it broke down and you still divorced.

You had a word that you will pass, but you failed.

You had a word for the healing, but you never got it.

You had a word for :…………., but it didnt …………..

The “fact” said it all – Lazarus is dead…. But the truth says Lazarus will not die.

In reality, we know so much of the fact, but very little of the truth.

Let me give you some facts about “fact”:

  • Fact is a neutral entity. It is neither positive nor negative. It gives account of what is and as it is.
  • Fact is myopic. It does not see far.
  • Fact only exists in the now. It takes no cognizance of the past or future. (except a fact that hasn’t changed)
  • Fact is time bound. The potency of fact is energized by time. TIME gives meaning to facts.

For example,

Before Jesus came, Lazarus was dead (fact)

After Jesus came, Lazarus became alive (fact). Can you see?

But all along, the truth is Lazarus will live because Jesus said it.

Unless we know and hold on to the truth, we will be tossed around by different faces of “FACT”

Embrace truth of the word and promises of God.

However, my main concern is why I make things very difficult for God (if that were possible), but I guess I still try, and so do many of us.

If Mary and Martha believed that Jesus could ensure Lazarus will not die, but had struggled in their “Faith” after he died, then they could have waited for Jesus to come, but instead, they believed their doubts and worked it too.

  • They put Lazarus in a tomb where there was no light. Even if he hadn’t totally died, all he needed to do was bang his head again in the tomb and he will eventually die.
  • They tied his hands and feet, leaving him with very little chance of survival.
  • They covered his face. If a light shone in the tomb, he still wouldn’t see.
  • They rolled a huge stone across the entrance to the tomb i.e. if by any chance he made it to the entrance; the stone seemed to have sealed his fate.

We do that too many times.

God says you will finish your course, but then you failed a module. Instead of waiting on God and trusting him, you go ahead to change your course only to find out that you did not actually fail the module (after a remark) but you can only change courses once.

God says He will save your marriage, but it became so hard that you went through with the divorce and moved out of town. When God’s time came to restore, you had already re-married.

God says you will get “the” job but after some failed applications, you signed a two year contract with another employer, then “the” first job came through.

God says he is your husband, but He wouldn’t even look at you let alone ask you out. Because “age is not on your side” you went with the next bloke and married him only for you to find out that “the one” had planned to ask you out.

Remember, if you are born again, you have faith, because you were given “a measure of faith”, – (Romans 12:3) and even it took faith for you to believe that Jesus died and rose to save you and deliver you from the power of sin. Now you are child of God, joint heirs with Christ!! (Boom!!)


You can’t make God a liar, so partner with him to deliver the “TRUTH” of the matter.

After all was said and done, Jesus asked “where have you laid him?”

Jesus never said anything like all those things I said above, about making it difficult. It is us (humans) that think there is no way back. The sisters thought so too, but He told the sisters:

“Believe and you will see the glory of God”

No matter how bad, you have the word, so Believe!

No matter how simple, you have the word, so Believe!,

No matter how complicated, you have the word, so Believe

No matter how difficult it seems you made it, you have the word, so Believe

“Did I not tell you, that if you believe, you will see the glory of God”? John 11:40

With Lazarus:

  • The stone was rolled away
  • Though blind folded, he made his way through the tomb
  • Though hands and feet were tied, he walked out (not sure whether hopping, or angels helped him)
  • Though he was dead, now he is ALIVE.

If you will believe,

If you will give your faith a chance,

God can do your impossible.


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