In this post, I revealed exactly how I generated 229 targeted leads in 9 days, plus how only 1 sale gave me a positive ROI on my advertising budget.

Facebook right now is one of the ‘hottest’ places to generate leads, but many marketers are quick to discount the platform.

But much more than just generating leads, I show you how I turn the leads into actual sales using a Sales Funnel.

Setting Up my Facebook Ad!

Ad Budget and Spend Details




The Average cost per website click is actually incredible. I have run many campaigns on Facebook and with cost per click that is a lot higher.

Now you may be wondering what my target settings are. See a snapshot below of my target settings.



While these settings are the final settings I used, I edited them at some point during the campaign e.g increased the cost from $5 to $20 after my initial test campaign.

For the exact Ads I used during this campaign. I tested 2 Facebook Ads only changing the images and keeping everything else constant.

AD – 1



AD 2


Both Ads performed reasonably well but the click through rate for AD 1 (1.936%) was 30% higher than for AD 2 (1.489%). The truth was they changed positions at different times in the campaign.




Where should you send your traffic

When advertising on Facebook, where you send your traffic to matters a LOT!

Some marketers send traffic directly to their website, only for the prospects to be lost in their about pages, or services or contact us pages etc.

After roaming the website for a few seconds the prospect hits the close button, and Facebook takes your money.

In my case (and should be in your case too), I send traffic to a Landing Page with a lead magnet i.e. a free gift for download.

A landing page is a special type of website page that is specifically built to get a prospect’s details in return for a gift (ebook, audio, video, survey, app download etc.) with no distractions.

It also allows you to qualify the lead because if someone isn’t interested in your offer, they are unlikely to give you their details. If they optin (i.e give you their details) in exchange for your offer, then they are somewhat interested.

Here’s my landing page for this offer


When the prospect clicks on ‘Send me the 6 tricks’, 3 things happen:

  • The next page takes them to the sales page for my CV Template Download.

(This will vary if I am using a single optin or a double optin system where they have to confirm their email address first)

Here’s a screen shot of the Winning CV Template Sales Page



  • The actual 6 Tricks PDF Report will be sent to their email address 5 minutes after opting in (which gives them time to read the Sales Page and possibly buy my Winning CV Template). The chance for this is very slim though, because this is Cold Traffic who probably never heard about me before. In fact, I don’t expect to make a sale here (sometimes I do)


  • The leads are then taken through a 24 days well crafted e-mail sequence that educates them on who I am, my offer and why they should buy (all on auto-pilot)

Here’s a snapshot of one of the sequences in the e-mail series.

This is the real ‘money-making’ element of the entire funnel.



The above 3 step process I just showed you is called a ‘Sales Funnel’.

This is infinitely better than just building a website and hoping people will come, plus a Sales Funnel makes more money too.

Talking about money, this process is my Sales Funnel for a N3,500 product – ‘Winning CV Template’

Advertising Spend – N21,500 (approx. $100)

I need to sell only 7 to break even.

On the backend is my CV Writing Service @N25,000 on average.

I only need to sell one to be profitable with this funnel and the ‘1’ sale already happened!

See the number of leads generated in 9 days from my Email Marketing Application Records.



While generating leads on Facebook is the start of the process, there is no doubt that the Email Follow Up Sequence is the ‘real’ engine that drives the profitable process.

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