This is a quick and fast offer.

I had cause over the past few weeks to learn more about cars (before that I was pretty much clueless – and don’t laugh at me.)

My uncle loves cars, and told me about the VIN numbers, and I have been ‘playing’ with it since.

Anyways, if you are looking to buy a car that is not new, you’ll do yourself a VERY BIG FAVOUR by paying to access the full vehicle report.

In my very short time of learning about this, I have seen

–          Recalled cars being sold

–          Salvaged cars being sold

–          Cars with accident histories

–          Odometer tampering etc

And the ‘would be’ buyers (i.e you) DO NOT HAVE A CLUE what they are getting.

See it this way, if you are ready to buy a car worth millions of naira or even hundreds of thousands of naira, then spending 8K to check the FULL vehicle report and save yourself from adding more stress to your life is very wise decision. It will stop you from:

–          Throwing money down the drain

–          Buying something you might eventually regret

–          Spending x4 on a car you just bought fixing things

–          Driving a car that has already been written off!

–          Having headaches when all you want is to be comfortable and mobile (maybe with some show off too)

In fact, it will be ‘unwise’ to make such a purchase blindly.

See a sample report for a 2009 Matrix (You can guess how much it would be sold for.. millions of Naira, and you could be the one buying it and throwing millions away, if you didn’t check the report)

matrix report1

So here’s the deal

If you are looking to buy a used car, YOU NEED THE FULL VEHICLE REPORT.

And I want to give it to you for FREE. But only for the first 10 people who take the actions below.

All you have to do is answer this question in the comments section.

Question: What is your dream car and what car are you planning to buy next?

This is not a trick question and the first 10 people to comment will get 1 FREE FULL VEHICLE REPORT (You’ll be contacted to send the car VIN)

Note: VIN Check must be used within 14 days!


If you missed out on the 10 Free Slots

You can still get your FULL Vehicle Report, but instead of paying 8K, you will pay a discounted 5K per report only..

Click here to fill this form. (The discount can disappear anytime, so act quick)



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