Happy New Year!

I have to admit, the new year kinda crept up on me.

I forgot to plan for 2015

As I am writing this, my mentors have not seen my goals for this year. (#iaminsoup)

The last month in 2014 disrupted a lot of my ‘plans’, I simply had to start from scratch.

After getting back home from church on New Years eve, I had 30 minutes to spare before the new year. So I told my wife I was going to start work on my plans for the new year.

Can you guess what happened?

12 midnight came and I was still staring at the computer, reading instead of writing.

I got married in December 2013, and it has been an amazing journey, we have beautiful Diza to show for it.

On the morning of 24th December 2013, I rolled out of bed to a smiling Idara. I wasn’t sure how long she’d been awake and smiling for, but right there I saw the glowing smile of a new bride, I can guess I woke up grinning too. It was time for breakfast and we opted to not have it in bed.

All I remembered about breakfast was having multiple cups of pineapple juice and pretending that I was getting drinks for two.

After breakfast we set out to plan for 2014 and after hours of prayerful planning, we came out with a plan for 2014.

Fast forward to December 31st 2014, as I was reviewing 2014 accomplishments, the pages of documents of my Personal Development Plan were unusually long.

I quickly scanned through the remaining pages and I realised that 2015 was already planned for, 2 years ago.

In fact 2019 has been planned for (at a high level), all I needed to do was flesh out the plans into monthly targets, update the plans and I am good to go for 2015.

That is exactly what I am doing!

I have been writing 5 year personal development plans since I was 18 years and it has become a guiding road map of my plans.

Since I am in the middle of writing my updated 5 – 7 year plan, I thought you might want to have my template and a walk through of how to use it (for free).

My mentor, Dr Fred, a PhD holder from Imperial College and adviser to the UK Government and Lagos State on Transport matters took his time to walk me through this template many years ago.

Part of the feedback I got from my subscribers and readers is to show you practical applications of the concepts and ideas I share that you have come to love.

Here is a chance for that.

To get exclusive access to the 5 year Personal Development Plan Template

1.) Leave a comment sharing the most important goal you want to achieve in 2015

2.) Like or tweet using the button below to unlock the PDP Template.

Happy New Year once again!

2015 will be great for us all in Jesus name.

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