Shed Simove sought to answer the question ‘What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex’

Surprising he came up with nothing and wrote a book about it with nothing (literally). It was a book of blank pages.

In response to a simple question on the Q & A site Quora, what is the weirdest way someone has become a millionaire? Shed Simove jumped on and responded with his amazing story of idea generation and execution.

To answer the question early, Shed claims that men think about nothing apart from sex.

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Here’s how Shed explained his amazing blank pages book that became a bestseller.

I published a book called ‘What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex’ containing 200 blank pages, which brought me ENORMOUS success…

It didn’t make me a millionaire, but it did do these things:

  1. My blank book went to number 44 on the Amazon chart

2. It got translated into numerous languages and published in over eight territories.

3. Hugh Hefner told me my book wasn’t such a great idea

4. The book brought me a Guinness World Record for ‘Most Blank Pages In A Published Book’.

5. My blank book way outsells my real books. ‘Ideas Man’ and ‘Success Or Your Money Back’. Even though they both have superb reviews on Amazon, they haven’t yet reached bestseller status, whereas my blank book is currently a NINE TIMES WORLDWIDE BESTSELLER (and still selling)

6. I couldn’t work with one publisher in America because their factory line was SO ADVANCED that it shut down when it detected blank pages. They could only print me my book with the words ‘intentionally blank’ written on each page and sent me a sample, which I had to reject.

7. My blank book got me taken on by the most prestigious Literary Agent in the UK, Andrew Lownie. I’m fairly sure he just keeps me around because I’m the only author he represents with a blank book as their most successful work.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because your ideas are worth more than you think. It is good to dream and have ideas, but take it one step further, and act on them to showcase their real value.

Who knew that a blank book can become a bestselling book?



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