Happy Valentine’s Day (Just in case you forgot).

I have reminded you now, so you officially have no excuse.

As I rolled out of bed in natural form, I knew it was valentine’s day.

I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day. That’s exactly what I told myself and people many years ago.

This is how it started.

I went to visit one of my female friends and as I entered the room, this pretty lady was there on the bed with her hair down. During one of my chats with this amazing beauty, we talked about Valentine and how we both shared the same feelings about it.

That it’s not worth celebrating.

It is a waste of money

It is a waste of time

It is not always the most genuine way to show love

It is a clever way for many businesses to make money.

There are very few ways to get an inkling of compatibility with your future wife than when the ‘babe’ you have eyes for tells you that ‘I don’t do Valentine’.

Heaven…. Pure heaven.

Try it. If you are a single lady, tell him you don’t do Valentine and watch his reaction. Don’t be surprised if he goes on one knee and pops the other question immediately.

For a few years, we watched from afar at the sea of valentine commotion.

It was fun to not be part of it.

Then I came to Nigeria and bae was in London.


Valentine’s day was coming and I planned to do nothing! Then I started thinking about it.The closer the day got, the more I convinced myself that we don’t do Valentine.

Guess what?

Val’s day came and I did nothing!

But the day before Valentine, I sent hand delivered flowers (to show my love, that I miss her and secretly to keep all those ‘guys’ that might be trying at bay).

No taking chances eh?

It worked!

Well, I think it did because I am married to that beautiful sunshine now.

But a taste is all that was required because that marked the end of ‘No Valentine’.

Well, technically we still don’t celebrate Valentine, as long as I give her a gift.

And I get much more back in return.

Here’s to many more celebrations.



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