There are quite a few slangs that feature a “Fish”.  Read some of the interesting ones below:

  • a person who has not had their first kiss or has never French kissed
  • a weakling or a WIMP
  • a heavy drinker. E.g. “drinks like a fish”
  • a new prisoner (remember teabag in Prison Break)

What kind of fish are you?

Ok really, I am not asking you to choose from the list above. I was in a meeting yesterday where I heard about the fish and the key phrase that I took away was “Don’t be the fish”.

A few things about the fish:

  • Do you know that the fish enjoys being in water? Ok I know you know that.
  • Are you aware that outside of water, the fish can only survive for a little time before it dies?
  • The average fish likes food.

Now, the way temptation comes can be likened to the event “catching the fish.” The devil is out to catch many out.

A fisherman sticks some food (bait) on the end of a line. Inside the bait is a hook that is very well hidden. The bait is then let down into the water and disguised as free food to the fish. Unknown to the fish, there is a hook inside the bait that is attached to a line being held by the fisherman a few meters away in a boat. Then the drama begins.

An unlucky fish will see the bait dangling and go for it. It gets hooked and that is it, caught!

What is the devil dangling in your face today?

Is the temptation to sin hard to resist? What is the bait?

Though you are married but is the pretty girl at the office the bait?

Though you love God but is the the dodgy (dishonest) business the bait?

Though you attend church but is constant urge to lie the bait?

Though you are hard-working, but is the lovely office stationeries the bait?

Though you _________________________________ but is  _______________ the bait?

I was at a police station a few hours before writing this post with a lawyer friend who went to represent a lady suspected of stealing government property. In the course of the discussion, I learned that the man who hired my friend to rescue the girl was doing it because he wants to lie with her, even though he is engaged.

That is how we sometimes earnestly pursue the bait that gets us hooked.

When should we be careful and aware of baits?

Simply put, when you have desires.

The bible makes us to understand that we are tempted by our own  desires James 1:14. The fish desired food, and got a bait. A wealthy and content man may not be tempted to steal because he has little desire for it, but a poor may be more inclined to.

When you desire things, it is the time to be alert and pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance to discern which provision is bait and which one is from God because God says he will grant us the desires of our heart.

What happens when a fish goes for the bait and gets hooked:

1.)                It is now at the mercy of the fisherman:  The fish will start struggling but no matter how hard it struggles, the fisherman draws it closer to himself. Rarely does the fish free itself in this way, but sometimes it happens through sheer fight, determination and possibly a lot of wound.

2.)                A change of location – As a result of getting hooked, the fish is likely to experience a change of location

  • The fish could be left out to die – After a few hours of leaving its God ordained habitat, and left outside, the fish looses strength and eventually dies.
  • The fish could lose its freedom – Before, it was free to move the length and breadth of the ocean, but now it is in an aquarium locked up possibly in a foreign country. It may be a big aquarium or a small one, but the reality is its freedom has been taken away. The enemy has exchanged the original (ocean) for the counterfeit (man-made aquariums)
  • The fish could be returned – Favour and grace are still in here in abundance. The fisher man could be one of those who catches fish and returns them back into the ocean. And our God has a way of restoring us even when we are taken captive.

Understand that it is for you that Jesus died and no lie of the devil can change that.  Be wise with the choice of opportunities you go for.

Don’t be that fish that goes for the bait!


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