Thanks for coming over here to say congratulations on the birth of our baby girl.
I am greatly blessed to have an amazing wife and a beautiful baby girl.
So where did the name Diza come from?
Prayerfully, we knew that our baby is going to bring us a lot of Joy. So we named her Joy, however we wanted to be different and unique so Idara (my wife) found the perfect Hebrew name which means Joyous or I bring Joy.
Her full names are
Diza (Joyous or I bring Joy)
Idara-obong (The Joy of the Lord)
Ayodeji (Joy is doubled)
Esther (Star, Influencer of Kings and Nations)
Teminioluwa (God is for me)
Abasiofon (God is good)
Abigail (Father’s Joy)
Mayowa (the custodian of Joy) 
Ẹniọlọrunfẹ (the person God loves)
Mikayla (Who is like God)
And for some pictures of Mummy, Daddy and baby – –
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