You should be passionate about what you do, but I am beginning to see that finding your passion is one of the things holding many back from living a good and enjoyable life.

The other stumbling block is wondering if you have any talent or not.

Here’s an email I got recently from one of my readers. The reader asked

“…how do I help people? How do I fulfil purpose and leave the world better than I met It?

I have been told the answer lies in my passions and doing the things I really love to do or come naturally to me but my challenge now is that I find myself in a rut no thanks to years on a job that did nothing to challenge my mind and created cobwebs in my cranial faculties.”

Maybe you’ve been told that your secret to success lies in finding your passion.

So let me ask.

How many people (out of everyone you know from family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, church members etc) have found and are profiting following their passion?

Very few I guess?

What about in the whole world (7 Billion + people), how many people are following their passion?

How many people will ever find it?

What is the probability that you will find yours?

Following that plan is likely to lead you to the path of the majority, who eventually accept whatever life, throws at them.




What if your passion isn’t something lost that you are required to find? I’ll share my thoughts on how to find your passion in another post.

In October, Gateway Chapel London will be hosting the first ever Passion to Profit Summit in Lagos, Nigeria. (More details to come soon)

So, instead of waiting for your passion to show up, or wondering whether you are talented or not, here are 2 things you really need to succeed in life.

  • GRIT –

Angela Lee carefully explains this using research from the front line.  IQ was shown to be a bad judge of success. Grit was a better indicator. Watch the Ted Talk below. (This has been watched 6.8 million times)


It is ok to be afraid. Courage says I am afraid, but I am pressing ahead.

Ryan Levesque ‘nailed’ it with his rant below.

Probably my biggest ENEMY in life?

Are the SCAMMERS out there who try to SELL you on the idea that getting to the NEXT LEVEL in your business (and life) is EASY.


Getting into Brown was NOT easy for me…

Breaking into Wall Street was NOT easy for me…

Learning to speak Chinese was NOT easy for me…

Building a multi-million dollar business was NOT easy for me…

And on top of that…

Every single one of those things scared the SH*T out of me.

Each time…


Afraid people would LAUGH at me when I did fail.

Possibly the GREATEST GIFT in the world I can give YOU…

Is the fact that SUCCESS…

For ME at least?

Comes down to just TWO words:


Courage + Grit.


In other words…

Do what makes you scared sh*tless.


And when you DO fail…

Pick yourself up, and go at it again.


If you can teach your kids TWO things. That would be it.

That’s all I’ve got.

What it REALLY takes to SUCCEED?


Make your REASON why bigger than YOU.

Do what makes you scared sh*tless.

Put your 10,000 hours in.

Start before you’re ready.

Chop wood, carry water.

And when you’re finished?





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