For almost the past decade of my life, I have been taught to understand the impact of Christians in the marketplace. Your job is not just a job, it is a ministry, that is your field.

The analogy PE gives is: A laptop on one hand, a bible in the other hand.

Where I work now, we took Marketplace ministry to another level. I mean, we have fellowship every weekday for 45 mins (average) in the morning before work. In fact we have a guest minister on Fridays (currently teaching on “The End times), we have praise morning (Tuesdays), Bible study (Wednesday and Thursday) and exhortation (Mondays).

Oh I know what you are thinking – “that where I work is probably a Christian NGO”.. lol.. (WRONG)

Where I work probably has one of the most concentrated industry experts at an organisation, I mean, Engineering disciplines, Architects, QS, Legal, HR, etc.

I was privileged to take the exhortation at the fellowship on Monday, and the topic was “Commitment, the key to fulfillment.”

I think we all need to remind ourseleves of the importance of commitment to achieveing anything in life. So, I want to share the same with you. I can’t repeat what I told them, but these are the main points that formed what I spoke on.

I pray God expounds His word in your heart.

Luke 5:27 – 28

And after these things he went forth, and saw a publican, named Levi, sitting at the receipt of custom: and he said unto him, Follow me. And he left all, rose up, and followed him.

Nehemiah 4:6

So built we the wall; and all the wall was joined together unto the half thereof: for the people had a mind to work.

Four things about commitment

1.)     Commitment is a choice – You have to make a choice to be committed. Commitment is your own decision. It doesn’t jump on you and you can’t pass it on to someone else.

2.)     Commitment is not easy – After making up your mind, staying committed requires hard work. Sometimes, it feels circumstances are just waiting in the wings to kill off the zeal to commit.

3.)     Commiment requires sacrifice –  Matthew left all. In Nehemiah, the people were ready to die. What are you willing to give to show your level of commitment.

Matthew  left all to follow Jesus. Though he was a tax collector. He left all that money, all that privileges, all that access to government just to follow Jesus.

This is the big thing about commitment

“Your fulfillment in life is tied to your commitment”

You have to be conscious of your commitment level. You are not going anywhere unless you stay committed to  a particular course.

Let me rephrase that –

“Reality sucks the life out of commitment”.

“Don’t you know they already said there is no more promotion in the department, so why are you still working hard?”

“Are you not aware that there is no incentive for being committed”

“Your husband has not given you any reason to be happy, why are you still committed?

“Your wife is not giving you what you need, why are you still committed, she caused it!

“If you don’t do it, someone else will do it, so don’t kill yourself!”

“The lecturer already said he’ll make sure no one gets a distinction in this subject, stop stressing yourself!

The many voices will be heard to stop you in your tracks towards fulfillment.

Let me quickly show you a typical commitment story. 2 Kings 2:1-19

1.)     There is a beginning to your commitment – Nehemiah committed to rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem, Matthew arose to follow, Elisha started a journey with Elijah. There was a beginning of the journey for Ruth from Moab. Today, make a commitment to a worthy cause. the next point will address that.

2.)     Your commitment must take you to the House of God – Elijah was going to the House of God (Bethel), and told Elisha to stay behind. But Elisha was committed to follow. So Elisha followed Elijah to (the house of) God. As a believer, your commitment must move you closer to God. “So don’t be a committed thief. Don’t be a committed liar. Don’t be a committed glutton”. If it does not glorify God, don’t be committed to it.

3.)      Commitment brings quick understanding – When you are committed you are more willing to learn and you learn faster. You cannot be fulfilled unless you possess adequate knowledge in that particular area. When you are not committed, you become the slowest learner around. Your lack of commitment in one area can negatively affect other areas too.

4.)     Commitment will take you down a rough patch but you will see extraordinary breakthroughs – You can count on it. Your commitment to any cause will be challenged if it is of any significance. In the book of Nehemiah, the enemies were bent on taking them out. But Nehemiah encouraged the troops. Unless your mind is made up, you may not survive the rough patch of commitment. Nehemiah 4:17 So they built the wall with one hand and had weapons on the other hand. Huge commitment. Elisha saw Elijah part the river Jordan because he chose to stay committed. 50 of the sons of the prophets also saw the same event, but couldn’t make use of it.

5.)     Commitment brings fulfilment – When you stay committed, fulfilment awaits you. Elisha got a double portion of Elijah’s anointing. Nehemiah got support from the King to rebuild the city because he was committed to the cause. A tax collector became an apostle.

What do you want to become? __________

Be committed to it!

You will be missing out on an important key to fulfilment if you neglect commitment.

“He who doubts will not receive anything from the Lord”. If you truly believe God, you will be committed to what He says about you (FAITH).

To be fulfilled in your marriage – you must be committed

To be fulfilled at work – you must be committed

To be fulfilled in your relationships – you must be committed

To be fulfilled as an ambassador of heaven you must be committed to evangelism.

Think for some moment. Think about the areas of your life where you want fulfilment – How committed are you in those areas?

God has a plan and a purpose for your life (Ephesians 2:10) and fulfilment in life comes from doing what God created you to do, so,

How committed are you to God?

This is a chance to begin and decide for God. It is never too late to say God I want to be committed to you. I want to be fulfilled in life, but it is impossible without you. Simply tell him that you are deciding for him today.

Commitment is a requirement to fulfillment.




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