I have recently changed locations and experiencing a different world of work, business and commerce.
It is interesting to know that what works in some places do not work in others. For instance, I have been trained to market solutions to customer’s needs. If I can find out what your needs are, then it is easier for me to tailor my business service to meet those needs so that we can both be happy.
But in my new location, I found out that needs are no reason to purchase. People know their needs but there seems to be a higher factor that influences purchase. One of those factors is profit margin. So now I am learning not to pitch on needs, but on profit to be made.
However there are some things that do not change when it comes to business and commerce, and that is having a competitive advantage.
This takes me back to a story a long time ago. In bible times a donkey represents the hallmark of business and commerce. A donkey typifies a modern day crux for trade. If you have a donkey, you are the link that keeps businesses alive, that keeps consumers happy, that ensures delivery of goods and services. A donkey talks of business.

Jesus told his disciples to go and bring a young donkey that is tied, and said if the owner asks why, tell him ” the master has need of it”

Jesus was taking over a small business start-up, He was taking the vehicle for business of another man. This single act of release from the business owner turned his fortune around.

It doesn’t matter what the donkey has been transporting before (Jesus mentioned it had not been ridden by anyone before), but this day the donkey transported something that brought the business to the lime light. There is a breakthrough product/service that brings about a turnaround in a business.
The following 5 things are seen in the “Business, Donkey Commerce” story.

1.) Sacrifice –
On the day that Jesus took the donkey, the owner might have enough jobs lined up. Although the inconvenience was not stated, but having no monetary return will indicate a “no job”, but not for the owner. He sacrificed the donkey for the work of the master. In fact, some will say how a business venture starts will determine its life, i.e. A young donkey’s first assignment must bring money, unless it will bring poverty, but not when you have a breakthrough product in your portfolio. The first job is not ordinary, and the owner sacrificed.

2.) Surprise –
Nothing could have prepared the business owner for what awaits his business. His young donkey was clothed, and people from near and far paid tribute to this donkey. A product, a discovery, a service, A Jesus that was transported brought about instant fame. There is fame awaiting your business if you will manufacture the right product, render the right service, and make a new discovery.

3.) Significance –
Jesus gave the donkey and its owner significance. He was unknown before, but now the whole nation knows the donkey that carried Jesus. Your God inspired idea for your business will give you significance. I can imagine the owner running beside the donkey mixing his Hosanna with “it is my donkey that Jesus is riding”

4.) Sustained Business –
Question, Who would not want to ride on the donkey that Jesus rode on. Who wouldn’t want to transport goods using the donkey that transported Jesus? This is the competitive advantage. I can imagine a billboard that reads… “Celebrity Donkey for Hire” Just an idea is all you need.

5.) Satisfaction –
Peace and satisfaction in business is a sought after state. There is a general view that business and satisfaction don’t go together.  There are many pressures to succeed in any business/work/career etc but breakthrough is just round the corner when you have the right product/service in your portfolio.

Carrying Jesus was the breakthrough service that the donkey and its owner rendered and it brought about a successful venture.

There is a breakthrough product for your business – Find it.

Many business owners are actually using trial and error to find their breakthrough product/service, but that takes time and resources. Insight is the required virtue to have competitive advantage.

Ecclesiastes 10:15
“The labour of fools wearies every one of them; for he doesn’t know how to go to the city.”.

Jesus knows the way to the city, He only needed a donkey. Jesus is calling for another donkey, will your business respond?


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