There are 3 types of content you should be posting on Social Media if you are building your company brand on Social Media (and get paying customers).

Before I go into details about the 3 types of content, in my last Digital Marketing training, I told delegates the story of the HMV tweets that made the news when a fired employee started posting on twitter. Before management could take back control of the twitter handle, the twitter world already knew that 60 people were being fired.

It is good to point out then when you are trying to build a brand on Social Media, don’t follow that example!

 What types of content should you post?

  • Call to Action Content – These are social posts that require a specific action. They are posts asking the reader to click a link and visit your website, posts requiring the reader to visit your campaign in order to obtain more information, etc. Typical call to actions (CTA) will be Click Here, Learn More, Download Now. CTA content generally leads to the start of ‘funnel’ and is an important part of the customer acquisition process.


  • Engagement Content – These are posts that solicit the reader to take steps to interact with your fan page. These steps would include the reader clicking the like button, retweeting, clicking the share button and sharing the content with their Facebook friends, or commenting on your post. Engaged fans are more likely to take action when you finally post a CTA content


  • Goodwill content – These are posts that share another person’s or website’s content. It is sharing a link with your fans that do not directly and positively impact you with online social traffic. It allows you to keep engaged with your followers with other people’s content. Some companies will never do this, however it can be good way to grow trust with followers, as well as share relevant and useful content with your followers.

Start testing this on your social brand and analyse the results to optimise your effort.

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