Great news. He’s finally speaking in the UK!.

I am a huge admirer of Brendon Burchard, and I watch his videos on high performance, packaging your message and make it big both online and offline.

A few weeks ago, I showed you his video on How Millionaires Schedule their day – 1 Page Productivity Tool.

Well, he’s in London this month (September) with a host of other speakers.

I got this e-mail earlier from Andy Harrington, who will be speaking along side him. (with Les Brown, James Caan and many others)


Great news. He’s finally speaking in the UK and I am stoked he will be
speaking alongside me…!

Tony Robbins turned to him for advice on shifting his business. I stumbled
upon his advice 2 years ago, and because of implementing his advice I have
made as much profit in the last 3 months as I did in the whole of 2012.

His name? Brendon Burchard and I rate him very highly and so should you.

But, the best news of all? I’ve got you a complimentary ticket to see him at
Success 2013 in London

But it’s even better.

This ticket means you’ll also get to learn from James Caan and Hillary Devey
of BBC’s Dragon’s Den.


Enjoy the gift



If you are in London, this is a recommended event!


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