I don get alert…

But it was a debit alert.

Korede Bello’s song didn’t quite specify that alerts can either be credit or debit alerts.  (I guess whichever kinda alert…. #GODWIN)

One of the ‘Aha moments’ of selling online is hearing your phone beep around 1am, you rolled over and realise someone just bought something you sell online and you have just been paid.

The really interesting part is not worrying about product delivery if you sell a downloadable product like ‘Winning CV Templates’.

And it all starts for me from blogging!

Truth be told, I don’t make anywhere near Linda Ikeji YET!

But on a mid-month Sunday afternoon, driving back home from church and My Lady whispering that baby’s food is almost finished, I can believe God for a miracle in a new dimension.

I don get alert…#Godwin

Imagine knowing that money can hit your account at any time: when you least expect it? Or even when you really need it most?

That is what blogging and having a product online can do for you.

So let me ask you:

Would you like to make money online, even when you are sleeping?





Of course I know you will say yes!

I am not moved by your yes

The more important question is why are you not making money online yet?

Leave a comment below to let me know why.

What is currently stopping you from making money online?


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