One of my main goals is to enable as many people and organisations as I can, get their share of the online cake. As of now, I already have subscribers to this service who are prepared to launch out online.


Blogging online is essential, but setting one up successfully can be a nightmare. If you are a  Techie, then maybe you’ll manage, but it will still take time, but if you are not a Techie, then you don’t want to crush your enthusiasm by the issues you will encounter in setting up a blog.


I’ve had sleepless nights configuring WordPress blogs and faced issues like incompatible plugins, broken sites and many times I’ve had to start all over again. It was a nightmare.

To make matters worse, I just wanted to get my motivational message out to the world but I spent months fixing a broken site, changing themes, and getting discouraged. But I made it through (Hurray!).

Don’t make the same mistakes that I did!

There are two ways to start blogging online

1.) Going the free Way!

If you want to start blogging in a light and casual way without plan of long term impact, then you can go the free route. There are many free blogging platforms. I definitely recommend

They’ll host your site, and you can learn the art of blogging and get your own share of the online cake.

Limitations of a free blog account

1.) You can’t register your own domain name. Simply put you’ll get something like – Thats like not having your own identity.

2.) There are certain limitations you’ll face from having a free blog account, and some of the key wordpress features are not available on a free blog account.

3.) Your blog can be taken down any time – Imagine growing your blog, having loads of visitors, comments and the good feeling of making an impact, but the provider decides to shut down your blog! And Yes Such Happens!



2.) Going the Hassle Free Paid Way

Benefits of a Self-Hosted Blog

If your blog means something to you, then you surely want to go the self-hosted way!.. what does that mean? I hear you ask

1.) You’ll have your own domain. It’s not just cool, it also looks professional and serious like

2.) You have total control on what you do with your blog, including how it looks, what is says and what it does.

3.) Your blog is your asset when you get traffic and you can even make money on it!

4.) You can start building your own list, grow your subscriber base, create great content and start your own business from it.

OK I’M SOLD, I WANT A SELF HOSTED SERVICE, but what does your service include to Make My Life Easier


Domain Name Setup – I will Register a domain name (.com) of your choice as long as it is available from “Go Daddy” for 1 year.

Hosting Setup – I will provide you hosting Services from a reputable host for 1 year (Our Preference is Godaddy)

Technical Setup – I will Install and configure your WordPress application so you don’t have to go through the stress.




Theme Setup – I will install and configure your WordPress theme. There are many free and paid versions of themes out there, If you have any preference in mind, let me know or you can choose from one of the provided options.

SEO Setup – You came online because you don’t want to stay small, and we will set you up for that. Search Engine Optimization means search engines will love your blog.

Analytics Setup – You’ll be able to know how many people came to your blog, when, from where, where did they go, and what interests them. It is ultimate bliss in blogging!




Professional E-mail setup – Your professional image can start from here with your personalised e-mail like

Contact Form Setup – You don’t have to lose customers because they can’t be bothered to e-mail you. With a contact form, they just submit the form while still on your blog. No hassle or having to log into another e-mail client again.

Video Setup – You can showcase Videos on your blog from popular hosting clients such as Youtube and Vimeo.





Training Materials – WordPress training E-book, Online Videos and access to resources that will make you a great blogger in little time. Plus you have  me to ask any questions about any part of your WordPress adventure!

For Samples of what I do, check my Web Design Company Page


All of the above for a token price of $299, $199, $149 

For Customers in Africa {esp, NIGERIA} Use ALERT PAY if you have an an Alert Pay account! 

{OR pay into Guarantee Trust Bank: Account No: 0002111837}

{Send the following details to}

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