It’s my birthday.
I took out my phone and launched the camera app. I was about to hit capture and hear the all familiar sound ‘CHK’ when I realised the camera was in selfie mode.
I starred at me for a bit, flipped the camera around and took a picture of the plane as we took off to Ghana a few days ago.
This was my first work assignment outside of Nigeria since I started working with RDM – Ringier Digital Marketing about 1 year ago.
My task was to train 4 new hires in Sales & Marketing.
It was also my first task coming just a few hours after moving up to be Head, Sales & Marketing for RDM Africa overseeing the department’s operations over 4 African countries.
The past 12 months have been intense and amazing.
I am extremely grateful.
This morning, my wife led prayers and some things she remembered really put today in perspective.
I also want to say thank you for being a part of my life and journey over the past 12 months.
And I want to encourage you too.
You don’t know what God is set to do in your life…. but make your plans and think BIG!
In my first meeting with my boss when I resumed in January 2016, I said to him ‘My initial plan is to be the Head of Sales and Marketing for Africa’.
I was hired simply as a Senior Sales Executive, within a few months I moved up to head Sales & Marketing for Nigeria, and now we are here.
This isn’t just about work or career.
This is about every area of your life.
1.) Think Big
‘God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above whatever you can ask or imagine’!
Let’s pause there….
You set the starting standard…. the bigger you think, the better God can do.
I am still learning this too (As it works, I will share with you).
We are moving into our own house this year #thinkingbig
2.) Cultivate your Passion and work it!
I don’t really believe in finding your passion. That mindset makes it seem like there is 1 passion hidden somewhere.
But I believe you should try many things, find the one you are very good at, break records with it, and see if you like it enough to continue doing it.
Here’s another thing I found out.
My passion is helping others.
And I have turned that into multiple careers, hobbies and businesses.
I remember when I told the professor that interviewed me at University of Birmingham for undergrad admission that my passion is helping people. He asked, how does that help with studying Civil Engineering. I told him
‘If I can build world class infrastructure like hospitals that will help doctors. I have saved lives’
If I design and build a transportation systems that helps trade, I have helped people make a living’.
In my first job as a Civil Engineer, I was helping create and implement practical solutions to houses that flooded in London in 2007 as a consultant.
Then I went on to teach Mathematics to secondary school students (and helped the school become the most improved school in England that year).
You know the truth?
Now as a Digital Marketer and working in Sales, I just want to help brands grow their businesses, so that many others can keep their jobs (as the companies remain profitable)
The expression of my passion can be in many ways and I personally love that I have been an Engineer, a teacher, a digital marketer, a trainer and a career coach.
I try to find how my skills, talent and areas of strength can be used to express my passion.
3.) Love People
I don’t have much to say about this right now. It’s still a new territory for me too but i know it works.
I am at work today and for 4 – 5 hours, I am leading a strategy session for a big Mobile Money player on how they can effectively use digital marketing to grow their business.
Then after that, my wife determines the agenda.
Go for it this year. You can do it!
PS: Even if you think you can’t. God can!

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