That’s a bold statement out there, but I am not entirely sure.

Let me tell you something you don’t know about me.

I don’t listen to ‘secular’ music.

Before you assume I am some ‘holier than thou’ guy, I am not.

It is a personal choice that has greatly helped with what I want in life.


I will admit, the beats to these songs are very catchy, but I am a ‘word’ based person. Words move me more than beats.

Then I heard Beyonce say the words I never thought I will hear her say.

She said

“When Jesus say yes, nobody can say no”

She didn’t just say it, she sang it.

Now we all know that Beyoncé can sing (love or hate her), she is talented.

Have you heard the song? Say Yes by Mitchel Williams FT Beyonce & Kelly Rowland.

It is the Desitny’s Child reunion tune.

Jesus brought them back together. (lol).

The song itself is AMAZING! (It is on repeat in my house).

But there is a slight (ok.. big problems by some standards)

And this is the question that is on my mind

Which is more important, the messenger or the message?

I want you to join the discussion below

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watch the video below (I love the song), then share your opinion on the question in the comment

Which is more important, the messenger or the message? What does Beyonce singing about Jesus mean to you?



FB Comment

  • You can never preach water and drink wine.

  • Both the message and messenger are important. I am not going to categorically say that one is more important than the other because on one hand, God is particular about the vessels that bear His messages as we all know that the channel through which an information is passed does affect – positively or negatively – how the information is decoded by the hearer. For instance, if someone is a perpetual liar and he/she gives me a piece of information, even though it’s true, I may be inclined to not believe or accept it.

    On the other hand, we know that God can also speak through any means -He spoke through a donkey once. I can attest to the fact that some of RKelly’s songs are inspiring and I sing them because they minister to me. Beyonce might not be born again, but who knows, maybe someone might hear that phrase from her song and coming from Beyonce, it might make some positive impact (the person might actually think, “Wow, Beyonce now acknowledges Jesus, what am I still doing acting otherwise,”) and BAM! God’s purpose for making those words come from her mouth is fulfilled.

    Well, as for me, as much as I also do not listen to secular songs, when it pertains to song, what I am after is words that inspire/touch/bless/minister to the soul and sometimes, that happens even with secular songs. So if I get that from a secular song, I tap the positive benefit(s) the lyrics provide – that does not mean I’m about endorsing the singer or copying his/her way of life. I simply know how to separate one from another.

  • Godwin

    I would say the message. Their is a verse in the bible which paul says weather in seriousness or mockery the Gospel is been preached. Rkelly gospel songs are lovely they minister to me. And most importantly let us not forget that no one is redeemable. So if chris brown releases a gospel album prasing God I definitely would buy it.

    • Bukola

      Thank you very much sir, that my mind as well

  • Temitope

    both are equally essential i’ll say cos ‘by their fruit we shall know them’ and anybody can claim to be anything but we have to ‘test all things’ and even in the end, Christ said the devil will disguise as an angel of light, now am not saying Beyonce is the devil o! but the messenger is important, though the message is more important, the influence of the messenger can make of no effect the message.

  • chu

    The message is very important. When younger I did a dance ministrations to two of R Kelly songs- ‘3 way phone call’ and ‘he saved me’. I saw a lot of people give their life to Christ through them. We all know R kelly’s songs but those ones ministered.
    So while the character of the messenger can be a hindrance the message can just be what someone needs to hear. God can use anybody.

    • ibukun

      Hi Chu. I also sang to 3 way phone call.. lovely song. God can use anybody.

  • wole

    The message is more important than the messenger. Concentrating on the messenger might put one in the position of judging which the Bible warn us against.

    • ibukun

      Thanks Wole, won’t you also agree that the messenger can influence how the message is perceived?

  • Both are equally essential but I personally believe the message is of high importance than the messanger but the personality of the messanger at times can hinder the intake of the intent of the message

    • ibukun

      Absolutely Segun.