That’s a bold statement out there, but I am not entirely sure.

Let me tell you something you don’t know about me.

I don’t listen to ‘secular’ music.

Before you assume I am some ‘holier than thou’ guy, I am not.

It is a personal choice that has greatly helped with what I want in life.


I will admit, the beats to these songs are very catchy, but I am a ‘word’ based person. Words move me more than beats.

Then I heard Beyonce say the words I never thought I will hear her say.

She said

“When Jesus say yes, nobody can say no”

She didn’t just say it, she sang it.

Now we all know that Beyoncé can sing (love or hate her), she is talented.

Have you heard the song? Say Yes by Mitchel Williams FT Beyonce & Kelly Rowland.

It is the Desitny’s Child reunion tune.

Jesus brought them back together. (lol).

The song itself is AMAZING! (It is on repeat in my house).

But there is a slight (ok.. big problems by some standards)

And this is the question that is on my mind

Which is more important, the messenger or the message?

I want you to join the discussion below

The first 10 commenters will get a free gift. (My never released before in Nigeria Amazon Category Bestselling book)

watch the video below (I love the song), then share your opinion on the question in the comment

Which is more important, the messenger or the message? What does Beyonce singing about Jesus mean to you?



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