Bestselling book, highest grossing movie, most downloaded song, most watched video, Highest revenue and more.

When it comes to finding the best product or service, most industries use SALES as the benchmark.

This indicates that in the marketplace and in our world today, the product or service that receives the acceptance (Read ‘successful sales’) of a large mainstream audience wins.

I know industries have quality awards that only insiders know / care about, e.g Pulitzer price, best cinematography, thinnest gadget, etc.

Most authors want to become a bestselling author, not a best writing one.

Sales skills has become one of the most important skills you can learn, especially in the current economic climate globally, irrespetcive of your profession or role in the organisation.

The medical doctor who is good at his/her job, and can also get more clients to the hospital is likely to be preferred.

The accountant who sees beyond balancing books and creates a report that shows the CEO their clients who pay on time and might be ripe for additional value to keep them longer will be preferred in that role because of revenue generating value (or in some cases cost reduction)

Bottom line, the reason a company is still in business is because some people are selling.
If you add yourself to that list, you can secure your role (or your business) for longer!

Watch out for the next video that shows you the first thing you need to improve your SALES MINDSET!

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