Over the weekend, I had lunch with a PR Specialist.

The circumstance surrounding the lunch was funny to say the least, but even funnier was because it was almost cancelled. I talk (and try to communicate well), and when the PR Specialist pointed out that I wasn’t clear enough with something I’d said I was quick to defend and explain myself. At that instant I remembered she is a PR specialist working with one of the top PR companies in Nigeria, as well as an International PR award winner, so I gently lowered my voice and took the correction, apologised and kept quiet.

It was somewhat humbling for me.

There are a few other things I learnt during our time together, especially towards the tail end that we spoke a bit on fashion.

Maybe I should say this now – “I still have a lot of work to do when it comes to fashion and style”.

A few weeks ago, I attended Praise Fowowe and Tope Akinyemi’s single’s event. The focus on the day was to help ‘good guys’ and ‘good girls’ interact better with the opposite sex.

Apparently I am a good guy and also looks like one (no complaints), but Praise decided to put me on the spot and asked me to simulate trying to introduce myself to a lady. Obviously I failed miserably until they actually brought a lady for me to speak to, and then I got into my comfortable skin and in no time the lady was blushing. It was basically 2 things, word and passion. I am actually good with words (which most good guys apparently are not), but like many ‘good guys’, I need to really improve on my fashion.

My girlfriend has been very patient, helpful, understanding and also been a good teacher. I have admittedly been a slow learner.

But it pains me for her every time someone thinks I could dress better, or combine my colors betters, or comments on how complicated I made simple things, because I know she is trying (lol).

So I have decided to go all out for myself and for her, and clean up my ways in terms of fashion and style.  So these are my new fashion objectives:

1.)    Keep things simple – I realise I tried too hard and end up complicating my dressing.

2.)    Be intentional about purchases – I also realise I buy things that I like (and sometimes they actually don’t flow well with my other wardrobe combinations). So I want to be intentional about my accessories and major purchases.

3.)    Learn more about Fashion and Style – Sounds a bit like a waste of time, but I am one for education. Personally, I know that even simple things are learnt, so I am subscribing to men’s fashion sites and buying fashion books too. I will also occasionally read fashion magazines.

4.)    Stop outsourcing purchases – I shop for myself, but I don’t mind someone else doing it. Since I have chosen to be intentional, I will take full responsibility for it now.

 If you are a fashion guru, then you can contact me or drop good fashion hints in the comments section.

If you are like me and want to learn to dress better, then you can join me on this journey. The following are some resources I am starting with:

The Fundamentals of Style: An illustrated guide to dressing well (Style for Men) by James Gallichio

A Guy’s Guide to Style by Bernhard Roetzel

Some Website links that I am looking at:

I’m looking forward to this transformation


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