Saturday, August 15, 2020
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We are all being transformed into a certain kind of being, regardless of our consent or non consent. How then can we order the moments of our life to become the person He intends us to be? How can we become competent individuals that God is confident in entrusting us with His resources to be used for His purpose? - this is what Tolu is passionate about, the integration of all dimensions of life, and how transformation takes place. As one who is very much in process, Tolu speaks and writes from lessons learned from family, friends, teachers, mentors, his own experience, and the community of faith he is blessed with

All Part of the Process

I was reminded of something I knew of God today. I was reminded in a way that made it personal and real, not distant...

Naming our Pharaohs

We are a distracted people. We have our hands involved in so many things that inevitably, we rarely ever sit down to enjoy the...
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