John Assaraf is a multi-millionaire who has built 5 Multi-Million Dollar Companies. He shared this interesting story in a recent email.

I had a creepy experience recent in an abandoned house.

As you can imagine there were cobwebs, dust and dead bugs everywhere.

It was silent as a cemetery as I walked through the kitchen except for a tiny little sound…

Bzzz! Plink! Bzzzzzz Plink!

It was a tiny fly, still alive, buzzing and banging into the window. Over and over again he tried to escape his unforgiving prison.

On the other side of the glass there was freedom, water, flowers and sunshine… he wanted out real bad.

God knows how long he’d been trying to fly through the window over and over again. He just kept banging away, determined that if he just gave it one more great try, maybe he would break through.

It got me thinking… that’s how most people live their entire lives! They beat their heads against the wall trying to find success… just like that poor little fly…

They can SEE what they want, but some invisible force stops them.

They stay stuck.

I opened the back door so he could get out, but 15 minutes later he was STILL rapping his head against the window trying even harder it seemed. Even with a wide-open door just a few feet away.

I realized he was going to keep banging his head on the window until he collapsed and died… just like the other flies I’d seen. He had options that would have saved his life… but he kept on believing that window was his only way to freedom.”

Hard work pays, but not when you are banging your head against the wall. We need someone to point us in the direction of the open door.

My Plan

In the past 7 months, I have sat with business owners of Big, Medium and Small companies all trying to figure out how they can use Digital Marketing to grow their businesses and in September, I want to dedicate my time to help you get clarity about this (if you are interested.)

So here’s what I have in mind to help you make the most of your Digital Marketing efforts (and get past the many untrue things other so called ‘professionals’ are telling you.)

Ask me any question you want on how to grow your Business using Digital Marketing, Selling online or using Digital Platforms and Social Media.

I will do my best to answer them and point you in the right direction.

This will be done as follow up blog posts (and emails). I will try to answer as many questions as possible)

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I will be speaking at SheHive Lagos in October. SheHive Lagos is a networking and learning bootcamp for women looking to break through, live their purpose and get real results in their businesses and careers. It is organized by She Leads Africa with a ‘fab’ line up of speakers.

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