I read in my bible recently that God’s divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness.

Then this power was given to us through knowledge of the one who called us by his own glory and integrity. ..
I was thinking about my work when I started reading this chapter of the bible (2 Peter 1) and from verse 5, I got clarity to how I wanted to shine for God in the Marketplace.
I admit, the bible didn’t say subtract, it actually said add..
Add to your Faith virtue – We all have a measure of Faith, but the rest of things we need are to be added, by us. It is not enough to have Faith buried in deceit and corruption. Your faith should have integrity growing out from it.
Can the people around you testify of your integrity?
If no, then it is time to add it to your faith.
Here’s what the bible is trying to tell us – Some of us have faith, but we lack integrity. Let’s reverse that.
 Now that you have faith and integrity, it is time to add knowledge. 
Don’t be ignorant. If you have faith and integrity, but you are ‘dumb’, it will be very hard to be effective in the Marketplace. Stay on the cutting edge of your industry, read wide, research, try things, be the best at whatever you have chosen / decided to do.
Guess what you are to add to knowledge? – Self Control.
Isn’t that cool?
God knows with more knowledge, we can easily become puffed up, ITKs (I too know) and trample on anyone who is below us. Be humble, and learn to give others a chance.
To self control, add endurance. 
Don’t just be a nice person one day, be a nice person every day.
Don’t get fed up of your colleague that doesn’t just ‘get it’.
I know you controlled yourself yesterday not to  ‘lose’ it, please endure and do it again today, and tomorrow, and next tomorrow.
Note: I know this can be tough, but not impossible. 
To Endurance, add Godliness.
I get really tired of enduring sometimes. I know I should endure, but instead, I lash out, step on toes, and prove that I am always right.
Here’s a good recipe. While you are enduring, find godly things to do. Help your community, volunteer for a good cause, be occupied with being like God.
To godliness add Brotherly kindness. 
In short, if you say you are developing godliness and not showing kindness to the people around you, it is questionable.
Be Kind. You can’t say you love God whom you do not see, when you don’t love your brother who you see (Word).
To brotherly Kindness, add Christian Love. 
Here is something amazing about Christian love -It allows you to lead others to God.
For God is love.
How do you see yourself using this in the Marketplace? Leave a comment below.



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