Add this one skill and get multiple lucrative job offers

What if you could get multiple lucrative job offers while everyone else is crying ‘no jobs’?

I think you can, if you add just add this one skill to your level of expertise.

The economy is struggling (no matter what country you currently live in).
When things like this happen, many companies downsize! They run a lean operation keeping only the workforce that matters to their bottom line.

When companies struggle they have two main options:

Spend Less….. Sell more!

In spending less, they cut costs, sack employees, reduce production and eliminate overheads.

To sell more, they become price competitive, create more product lines and ultimately Find new customers.

There is a limit to how much spending a company can cut, but there is almost no limit to how much new customers a company can acquire to sell more to.

So, even in hard economic times, most companies are looking for employees who CAN SELL!

Employees who can sell give any company a lifeline to stay afloat in this trying times, so they are valued and eventually get multiple lucrative job offers.


Here’s the main problem.

People that are already good in Sales and Marketing are probably doing fine, but most times they lack industry specific skills required to sell and market a specialised product or service.

Experts as they are so called most times are clueless about Sales & Marketing.

Engineers, Lawyers, Accountants, Architects, Economists, Project Managers, Financial Analysts, Doctors are experts in their respective fields.

Unfortunately they are also the first to go when a company is downsizing (unless the expert is among the very best in that field, plus most companies can do with ‘just good enough’)

However, an expert who can also sell solves two main problems for companies.

1.) Who best to sell a product or service than a practitioner?: A dentist with Sales and Marketing Skills is more attractive to a Dentist Practice because that dentist knows how to close a prospective customer. In fact that same dentist can work for a manufacturer who makes relevant equipment and will have a big edge over an ordinary sales personnel.

2.) Versatile and offer multiple values: In my last post, I told you how I got two job offers from two multinational companies in two different industries (Compressed Natural Gas Distribution & Digital Marketing). And the roles I got offered were both Sales and Marketing roles.


Because I have an indepth knowledge of both industries as an expert. In fact, PWC a few years ago interviewed me as a thought leader in the CNG industry. The same with Digital Marketing, having run successful projects, consulted for some big name companies and had a client featured in the Huffington Post.

An expert that can sell is almost always in demand, even in difficult economic times with multiple lucrative job offers.


Somehow, we have been lied to that Sales & Marketing isn’t a glorified position. See it this way though, a company that isn’t selling enough will soon fold up. Your salary as an expert is ‘kinda’ dependent on the Sales and Marketing team.

Why not, guarantee your income and join them.

Ibukun, I understand what you are saying, but I have never done Sales & Marketing before, how do I go about this?

To help you answer this question, let me open your eyes to a subtle fact. The educational system prepared you to be a FULL TIME employee as an expert. Learning to sell means you can finally make a transition from an employee to a business owner.

The simple way to go about this is through Training. Start with attending a Sales and Marketing Training. Don’t be afraid to sell and stop looking down on Marketers because you have a lot to learn from them.

There are jobs out there waiting for you to claim them as an expert, all they need is for you to help the company stay afloat in this economy by SELLING!


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