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I’ve recently had to conduct interviews for Senior Sales Executive role and I am still shocked at how unprepared people are for interviews (especially when they claim they are looking for a job).

But that is a different issue to be addressed later.

Today, I want to quickly show you 3 things you can be better at that will help you get the job offer. This is not going to apply to all job roles, but definitely most.

Let’s get started.


Most good jobs will require some form of email communication either in sending your CV, or accepting the interview, getting and responding to an offer or just simply following up.

This was a real feedback on why a candidate was not offered the job.

“His email communication is not that great, as he puts a space between the last word and the full stop like this ‘thank you . I will be available for the interview .’

How about losing a well-paying job because you can’t write good email?

Here are a few things to have in mind when using email for job search

  • Type your email in Microsoft word and use it to correct most of the grammatical errors, then copy and paste into your preferred email client such as Gmail, Yahoo etc.
  • Write a meaningful subject line that will help the hiring manager categorize your email appropriately
  • Proofread your email and get someone else to read through for you before sending.
  • You can copy and paste your cover letter into the body of the email as your correspondence.


Every contact you have with a hiring manager is an interview and should be taken seriously and professionally.

Your phone communication skills are important to get the job. In fact, the higher the role, the more important communications skills become.

I sent a SMS to someone I’d invited for an interview via email but received no response. He replied my SMS with something like this:

I got the email. I am not coming. Thanks. Bye.

Well, that says a lot.


If you ever get called for an interview, it means you are somewhat capable, and the next things to judge are your soft skills as well as consolidate your understanding of the technical parts.

You will be well placed if you can use MS Word and MS PowerPoint effectively.

Microsoft Word is critical right from the start because your CV is written with it. If you can’t use MS Word very well, your CV might be one of the first to get trashed. But rather than that happening, I have create a CV Template you can edit with your own information and you will have a well formatted CV in place. Download it for a token here.

Most senior level job roles will ask you to make a presentation in your interview and oh God, please be able to use MS Powerpoint or any presentation  application like Google Slides, Keynote, Prezi etc.

The point here is don’t dump text all over the screen, instead be clever, creative and minimal in your use of text when it comes to presentations.

Look at these two examples:

low text slide
text heavy slide

Which do you prefer to see?

Finally carry yourself very well.

The surprising thing about these 3 tools is that most people think they know how to use them and they have never actually taken the time to step back and assess themselves.

I am asking you today to find out:

  • Can you use email effectively?
  • Do you communicate well on phone?
  • Do you know how to use MS Word to write a great CV and MS PowerPoint to create and deliver an engaging presentation?

If you are not sure, better take action starting from today!

Improve on this 3 and you will get a job offer soon.


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