About Ibukun Onitiju

 As a 17 year old, I left the shores of Nigeria for the Land of the Queen.

 My expectations were all over the place, but I was ready to be ‘whaooed’ by the United Kingdom and London. It is a ‘city whose streets are paved with gold.’ I believed that.

Over the next decade I faced life-defining challenges that went on for so long, I thought it will become my identity. I saw the gold, but they were unrefined.

With the gold, I also saw chaos, discontent, challenges, but ultimately opportunities. Some of the opportunities I took (against many odds) many of them I didn’t.

Have you ever experienced lack of progress in life? Where everything seems to come to a halt and no matter how hard you push, there is no forward movement. In fact you are moving backwards (because everyone else is moving forward)

I was there too. And it hurts really badly.

One thing worse than not making progress is seeing opportunities to make progress and not equipped to take them!

But I realised that it wasn’t just me. Everyone I spoke to had been there at one point or the other in their lives. The difference between those who came out victorious and those who were crushed hinged on 2 Magic Bullets.

These 2 Magic Bullets made the difference, and the best part is you already have them!

I had them too, so is everyone that was crushed and everyone that became victorious. Up until that time I was heading to be crushed, but my fresh understanding of these 2 Magic Bullets started the revolution that saw me finish from college with very good grades, graduate from University with honours, consulted for the biggest Utility Company in the UK and taught Mathematics at one of the outstanding secondary schools in the UK.

I’ve continued to grow in my life and career, with experiences in multiple industries, released an Amazon category bestselling book and getting married to My Lady (the most beautiful person in the world)

The 2 Magic bullets are:

1.) Your Mind

2.) Your Mouth

I have come to understand that my ‘destiny is a function of how well I can use my mind and mouth’ and these 2 Magic Bullets can be difference between sustained victory and slow defeat in life.

Welcome to Mind and Mouth.

Here, ‘We believe, therefore we speak’ – 2 Corinthians 4:13

Knowing that your Mind and Mouth are powerful is not enough. These 5 things helped me and are still helping me nurture my Mind and Mouth.

1.)  Faith – Faith in God made the difference. As a teenager, it was ok to pay ‘lip service’ to faith and trust in God. As the years wore on, it seemed the challenges grew bigger, a lot more was at stake, and I could easily be crushed (I saw many crushed) BUT God made ALL the difference. I have the ‘Mind of Christ’.  I believe, therefore I speak.

2.)  Family – God sets the lonely in families. To be part of a family (or any support network) can make the difference between giving up and moving up.

3.)  Fellowship – Meeting with like-minded people, sharing, giving and having fun brings merriment to the soul. Don’t let life pass you by. Fellowship with others.

4.)  Focus – Distractions are everywhere. It takes focus (or putting your mind to something) to achieve good results.

5.)  Followership – I am all in for ‘standing on the shoulders of others’ to see far. I believe in mentoring. It has helped me move faster (even when life’s brakes were on).

Mind and Mouth is a Christian based inspirational platform to help you live intentionally, grow in Faith, excel in your vocations and be part of a family, our tribe.

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Mind and Mouth was founded by Ibukun Onitiju. Ibukun is a millennial living out his Faith and standing out in the Marketplace.

He graduated from The University of Birmingham with a degree in Civil Engineering & Business Management and currently running an MBA in Leadership & Sustainability. He has gone on to work as a consultant for Thames Water UK, as a Flood Risk Assessment Analyst, taught Mathematics at an outstanding Specialist Business and Enterprise School in Essex and now works as a Project Manager in the Compressed Natural Gas Distribution Industry. (Linkedin Profile)

He is a passionate student of Business Psychology, Online Marketing (Sales, Conversion, Marketing, Tech Setup) and runs an Online Marketing Agency – DMM Designs implementing online business solutions for clients.

He is married to Idara, who he fondly calls ‘My Lady’ and they have a beautiful daughter.

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