Israel Adeboga is the 8 year old boy who got a C in Maths GCSE Exam a few days ago.

He became the youngest person in Barking and Dagenham to pass GCSE Maths.

Israel Adeboga is my nephew.

If at any point while reading this e-mail you think I am trying to tag along, you would have guessed right. I sure am (who wouldn’t. lol).  My nephew is a celebrity. Yay!

You’ve read my story about how I was featured in UK papers after my very good A level results. Israel Adeboga was born a year after that.

I watched Israel grow up as a very intelligent boy. He is gentle, calm, focused and intelligent.

There is a fun part too.

 For a while in his early years, I took him to and picked him up from nursery in Dagenham. A few months leading to him starting primary school, it became my duty.

 On the way to nursery which is about 15 minutes’ walk from the house, 4 year old Israel and myself will be singing songs (When I get older, I will be stronger, They call me freedom just like a waving flag) and (Better than the riches of this world, better than the sound of my friends voice…. by Hillsong (You should know I like Hillsong by now).

 I ‘sold’ the idea of becoming a ‘bigger boy’ to Israel.

 At a point Israel desperately wanted to be a bigger boy because Uncle Ibukun told him bigger boys are cool, intelligent, and strong and they know Maths.

 Israel agreed to want to learn Maths and be a ‘bigger boy’ plus his parents wanted him to prepare for primary school, so I created a Maths learning schedule for him since I was teaching Maths at a specialist Business and Enterprise Secondary school in Essex. It involved online quizzes, puzzles, maths games and some fun activities.

 3 days into our very tough and fun Maths program Israel sat in front of the computer at about 9am in the morning after breakfast. His parents at work and he busted into tears.

 I was surprised, and ask why he was crying.

 His response?

I miss my mummy and daddy.

Ugh? Parents you see every day!

He was crying uncontrollably and he later confessed.

Uncle, I don’t want to be a bigger boy anymore!

I couldn’t stop laughing, I had stretched this 4 year old, he got a day off but we continued the next day and Israel started to enjoy it again.

At age 5, my time with Israel was up as I relocated to Nigeria.

His parents (who brought me up from when I was 17 years, and allowed me to grow into who I am today) also continued in their amazing caring role. They gave Israel and his younger brother Gideon everything they need. Their mum, who is my sister becoming a stay at home mum and taking ‘work from home to a different level’ to look after them. Michael, their dad is an example of a diligent and loving husband and father making waves in the UK Consulting and Technology industry.

They clearly understood the impact of coaching and mentoring and enrolled Israel with the highly acclaimed Dr Chris Imafidon whose family is tagged ‘Britain’s Brainiest Family’.


 So I was not surprised when Israel did what no one in our families has done before.  For example, I went from Primary 4 to JSS1 at the age of 9, a 2 year jump. Israel jumped 8 years!

 Israel did not go from primary to secondary. Israel triumphed as a Primary School student getting a Credit in GCSE Maths, passing it 8 years early.

He is the youngest person in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham to pass GSCE Maths.

You can read his interview here.

The whole family was on holiday when calls from friends who saw his picture in the Evening Standard started pouring in. It was amazing. Here is the first picture I got.

I have asked for an exclusive interview with my sister and her husband to share their story. Hope they grant it, because we are very shy (lol).

Congratulations Israel, we are all very very proud of you.

Final funny part

 My sister asked Israel what he would ask me and My Lady to get him as a gift.

 He said ‘the only gift I want from Uncle Ibukun and Aunty Idara is for them to come back home’.

 Awww how sweet, he hasn’t fully grasped that home has changed for Uncle and Aunty for the two has now become one.

On a final note, Parents, pay attention to your children, if they show some flare for an activity, help them explore it. You never know where it will take them.

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