After allegedly killing 3 people, the judge asked him ‘what is your name?’ His answer would have sent chills down the spines of the victim’s families. He answered ‘I am the crossbow cannibal’.

“You will be very unwise (I was tempted to use daft) to think that the totality of life is limited to what you can see with your eyes. In fact, the “real” things are unseen. I don’t know how scientific you are, but I remember the excitement I had when I first learnt about atoms (consisting of protons, electrons and neutrons). Do you know they can’t be seen with the naked eye? You believe they exist, right? But you can’t see them, unless with a specialist equipment. Now think back hundreds of years when these equipments were not available, would the people then still have believed that atoms exist that they can’t see? Probably not!

Listen, wake up to reality, many things exist that your eyes can’t see and science is not advanced enough to make you see them, but their effect is felt every single day. I don’t mean to scare you (Well, you don’t even need me to do that), but I just want to tell you that YOU NEED GOD!!!. Why God?

Because He is the one that knows everything there is and can protect, lead, guide and direct you. Much more, He will teach you what science cannot. Not meaning to scare you {Again!}, but I am sure you are aware that the world is under threat –

  • Man-made (global warming), the Oil Spill in America is threatening lives, terrorist attacks in many places etc.
  • Natural disasters – The volcanic eruption brought the airline industry to a standstill only a few weeks ago. Haiti is still recovering from the devastating earthquake plus Japan and China to name a few.

Now, think about this – On a bright sunny day, as dawn broke, a neighbourhood was thrown into chaos. I have heard of similar events in other countries, but when it happens in yours, there is a greater awakening. Derrick Bird woke up on this bright sunny day, and shot 12 people dead (including his twin brother), injured many others, and then killed himself. All his victims were just going about their normal daily activities LIKE YOU DO EVERYDAY.

Who is coming to kill you? Do you know? Or do you think anyone will be in sane to?

Ok, let me rephrase that question. Who is coming to park beside you and ask you for directions without you know that there is a rifle next to them. Some lost their lives doing just that.

Well there are many unseen forces that are ready to take you out {FACT} and you need protection. When I saw magnified pictures of the pollens that make noses run and eyes itch in summer {hay fever}, I wish I could lock them away, but guess what, they can’t be seen with the naked eye, hugh!!! but there are allergy tablets that claims to protect you. Not seeing your enemy is not enough to be stupidly ignorant. Let God take control of your life, and He will not only keep you here, He will keep you even when this world comes to an end. Hear the comforting words of Jesus “… Behold I will be with you always, to the very end” {Matthew 28:20}

If you don’t have relationship a with God, Now is a great time to start. Today is the day of salvation. “Let there be light”


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