If you haven’t noticed, there is a lot going for Social Media channels. From being one of the best breaking news platforms to the prime place to finally land your dream job.

In today’s post, I share the 5 C’s of Finding a Job on Social Media.

All you need to do is Create, Cement, Communicate, Connect and Convey.

Social Media is not like job boards where many people upload CVs and wait to get a call. With Social Media, there are top tips you can use to unearth the hidden jobs before anyone else does.

First, if you are planning to use Social Media to get a job, then you are different from the rest of social media users who post irrelevant pictures and videos of cute cats, dogs (unless you are a vet) and babies online.

More and more companies are turning to Social Media (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc) to fill vacant posts (sometimes without first advertising the jobs) and about three out of four hiring managers actually check out a potential candidate’s social media profiles before they make their hiring decision.

Last week, one of my CV Writing Service Clients got a call from a Multinational Financial Institution because the hiring manager saw her profile on Linkedin. Within days, she was on the final interview stage.

So how do you go about finding job on Social Media?

  • Create Relevant Social Media Profiles – There is now no more excuses for you not to be on Social Media if growing your career is a priority. It isn’t an option anymore, it is now mandatory. You don’t have to be on all, but be visible to the people that matter in your industry. Your Social Media profiles must demonstrate your credentials, roles, accomplishments and your areas of strength. Create a compelling story.


  • Cement your relationship with others in your industry – Join relevant LinkedIn and Facebook groups, engage in tweet chats and other online discussions / events. Take some time to introduce yourself to the group, be active and provide useful content. This will help you build your social capital.


  • Communicate your availability – Spread the word about your availability if you are currently unemployed. If you are employed, you want to keep this on the low key, and avoid any direct ‘I’m available message’. Instead, do what I suggest in point 4 below.


  • Connect with prospective employers – Follow companies you would like to work with on Social Media. Find out if they have Social Media Pages, connect with them, and stay up to date with company specific information. If a job opportunity arises, you can reach out to the hiring manager and showcase your skills and in depth knowledge about their organisation.


  • Convey your unique skills and competencies – One of the easiest ways to do this is to be resourceful to others in your industry by participating in groups, answering member questions, directing them to additional useful resources such as websites, tools, ‘cheat sheets’, check lists, video trainings etc.


How long does it take for this to pay off and get you a job? Well, it depends on many factors, but one thing you can be sure of is, if a job opportunity opens up, your name will be at the top of the shortlist for interview.

Have you gotten a job on Social Media before? Share your experience in the comments.


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