A few months ago, I wrote a 3 Part series titled FACE, PLACE, SPACE. The intro to the post on FACE read:

“Everyone has a FACE. We all have a recognisable element that physically distinguishes us from the next person. This face uniquely identifies us and it also acts as our ambassadors in the walk of life. However, the journey through life with this face can lie between the extremes of comfort and heartache. There are places we would not want to go to because of who they know us as or what they know us for and there are places we wouldn’t mind to step into for the same reason…” Read more on FACE

Now, I have put together 4 facts about identity. I know it is not an exhaustive list, so go over to the website and add yours to the list.

Facts about identity

1.) Many people still judge a book by its cover: You can say “that’s not right” as many times as you want, but it is what happens time and time again. If your book is good, then make the cover good.

2.) Like attracts like: Forget opposites attract when it comes to identity. If people think you are like them, they’ll come looking for you. Who are you attracting?

3.) It matters more than you think: The society wrongly informs us that identities can be random and of no significance, but it is not true. Your identity can determine how far you will go in life.

4.) Don’t take a chance: Give thought to it. Be sincere to yourself. Make changes as necessary.On a final note, your face is your identity and it defines who you are. Find it.

Add your own identity fact


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