I recently wrote a post about my achievements so far this year (including training ExxonMobil staff), and a comment I get often from people that know me really well is:

“Ibukun is not very serious”.

This is because I play a lot.

But don’t be fooled by that comment though, while it is true, I actually work very hard and I am very serious too. In fact, let me throw this in, there are very few people that can match my work rate.

This is one of my friends saying hello to me by calling me #HeNeverSleeps (please I am not God) (plus ask my wife for the truth on that)


Any ways, I am also one of the first to tell you that I am a bit lazy, so I have put together 3 ways you can become a top achiever, even if you are lazy.

1.) Get a mentor –

Hard working people want to create a path in a forest right from the start. They want to name it their path. Most of them give up without going far in their journey.

If you are lazy like me, I quickly run on the path someone else had created, get to the end, and start charting my own course, so I can go further. If you find  good mentors you will achieve faster, even if you are lazy.

My mentor simply called me and asked me to  train ExxonMobil employees while he holds the camera to record me.

2.) Build a network –

I am still learning this. But if you are lazy, then one of the short cuts to achieving is to be clever at building networks. Participate in a group, join the conversations and tell them what you do. The more active you are (most hard working people think this is a waste of time) the more visibility you will get and opportunities to achieve your goals.

I am active in the youth group at Church (Plus helped a few people with their CVs). When it was time to organise the Career Event sponsored by Microsoft Nigeria, all I heard was, Ibukun, you are anchoring the CV Writing Workshop (yeah.. I’ll take that)


3.) Work hard a bit. –

I know you are a bit lazy (or maybe a lot), but not much can be done if you don’t work at all. So to make this worth your while, work hard on the one thing you know you are really good at.

If you are working on something you enjoy and good at, it feels like play. But others will percieve you as working hard and will happily recommend you.

For example, I talk a lot  (talking is like play to me) and I was recently asked to anchor a business summit. I put in some hard work preparing to ask relevant questions and making sure I perform well. It was another huge success.

If you ‘blow’ an opportunity, another one might be hard to come by, so be ready to work hard when you get to the top.

What about you? Are you a lazy, but high performing achiever? What is your trade secret? share in the comments. 


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