Recently, I wrote about how I generated hundreds of leads on Facebook in 9 days.

Facebook has become the ‘go to’ place to generate a ton of leads for your business. If you have a business (even if it is a side business) and you need customers, then you should be using Facebook A LOT!

In today’s post, I’ll show you 3 things you should be doing when using Facebook Ads, else you’ll be flushing your money down the Facebook drain like many people do.

Facebook Conversion Tracking –

There really is no point advertising on Facebook if you can’t measure your returns.  In fact, it’s no different than putting up a billboard, hope and wait for some sales. A major advantage of digital marketing is tracking. With Facebook’s conversion tracking functionality you can identify and measure the success of your Facebook Ad Campaign.

Click here for a Facebook Guide on how to use conversion tracking





UTM Parameters using Google URL Builder –

By using UTM parameters you can get more details about your campaign in Google Analytics including how users interact with your site. Simply select Facebook as the campaign source and add additional details that’ll make you easily identify your campaigns. Click here to use Google URL Builder.

Custom Audiences: Website Traffic for Retargeting –

Have you visited a website and noticed that you start receiving their ads in your Facebook newsfeed? That is called remarketing or retargeting.  The website custom audiences allow you to retarget people who have been on your website directly on Facebook. Once you install the custom audience pixel on your site, your list on Facebook will start populating, plus you can create Ads on Facebook based on the pages they visited or did not visit on your website.

One way I use this is to create Facebook Ads targeting visitors to my free offer page, but who did not optin to download. The Ad could simply ask them if they forgot to download it and ‘encourage’ them to go back.

Click here for the Facebook Guide on creating Custom Audiences



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