If I am to summarise this post in 4 words it will be “Find yourself a mentor”. You don’t even have to continue reading anymore, as long as you “Find yourself a mentor” this week.

However, if you want a bit of my weekend story and the 3 things I’ve learnt about mentoring, then continue reading.

The weekend was a sober time. I went for the burial of  PB’s mother. She died aged 71, but she left a lasting legacy and made  a great  impact. As I poured earth on the coffin, I shed a tear because I still can’t believe she’s gone.

While the weekend was sober because the loss is deeply felt, it was still a weekend of celebration of life, and a reminder that while you live, live for Christ and leave a godly legacy.

For me, it was absolutely fantastic to be with my spiritual parents and mentors incl. Dr Fred who gave me the foundation of planning my life and career.  Saturday was really busy with the whole drama of partying. Needless to say everyone was tired and needed a good night rest. We booked breakfast for 8:30am on Sunday and that means I will be in the midst of 3 of the most influential people in my life. I was really looking forward to the morning.

So on Sunday morning, I followed John Maxwell’s advice to maximise the time spent with mentors. I was prepared for the breakfast by having a list of issues and questions I will discuss, get advice and take steps to implement them.

This is what my plan looked like 

– This is where I am at right now – A Brief Explanation

Categories with questions

– Book and Publishing

– Career and advise

– Travel and destination advice

– Marriage and relationship

– Living in Lagos – strategy for networking

– Spiritual Guidance

– My website

I had questions under each category.

Although we couldn’t go through all of them, the 10 – 15 mins of quick fire advice from people with a combined 40 + years of experience as  world class consultants made a huge difference.

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants” – Isaac Newton

On whose shoulder are you standing on?

3 things I’ve learnt about mentoring

1.) You have to be intentional about it – it doesn’t just happen, you ask, you connect and you stay accountable.

2.) It requires humility – The longer you delay embracing mentoring, the harder it is to be humble, until maybe something catastrophic happens. Pride they say comes before a fall!  Start now!

3.) Successful people are craving for protégés. They may be very busy, but they also want to share. Get over your fears and connect with someone you really admire.

Find yourself a mentor!

A recent survey revealed reasons why people ignore mentoring or put another way, why people don’t ask for help! I will share some of those reasons on next Monday.

Watch out for that post next Monday!

Question: What is your take on mentoring? Leave a comment here 


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