Job Interview Mistakes

The important thing about these 3 job interview mistakes is that  you may not even know about them at all.

If you’ve been applying for jobs or have attended interviews with no favourable response or no response at all, then you should definitely check that you are not making these 3 job interview mistakes.

Many of the people that I’ve spoken to recently have ‘all’ the boxes checked.

Do you have a great and updated CV? Yes and Check

Are you good at what you do? Yes and Check

Do you know about the company? Yes and Check

Practiced interview questions? Yes and Check

Then what happens after the interview and why are you not called back for the second interview or given a job offer?

Sometimes there might just be a better candidate, but if you start seeing a pattern of failed interviews, then these 3 job interview mistakes are common causes of not getting the job or a second interview.

  • The footprint you have online –

Research has shown that employers are looking for your digital footprint. They are Googling you! Specifically 77% of employers are researching about their applicants.

What comes up when you Google yourself? Have you ever tried it or tried it recently?

To find out, do these: a.) Clear your browser cache so you can start afresh         b.) Google your name and review what Google has to serve about you.

If you’ll like to take control of your search results, BrandYourself provides a free look at how employers are viewing you.

  • Your Email –

Many job seekers still ignore the important role a professional email plays in a job search. For example, I have an old email address that one of my friends got to know about recently, even as a friend he was very shocked that someone as serious as I am had an email address like that. It wasn’t a bad email address, but he just couldn’t ‘picture’ someone like me with that email address.

Employers are judging you based on your email address. If you are serious about your job search, then create a fresh email address that is closely tied to your email as much as possible. Use periods, underscores or hyphens to break up your names if common.

  • Social Media Accounts –

As personal as you may assume it is, your social media pages are visible to the entire world (unless you made them private). Which means your personal social media accounts are not all that personal?  68% of employers check applicant’s Facebook pages  and if your privacy settings are not set accordingly, it means a post from many years ago could be the culprit denying you of your dream job.

Your public posts on Social Media can greatly improve your chances of getting a job if they cast you in a good light with respect to your industry.

There are so many job applicants for any available role, which means any slack on your part can cost you the job.

Take some time out and review these 3 points to give yourself a chance of getting a great job.

How has any of the 3 points affected your job search? Share in the comments below.

Image cedit: Caro Wallis, Flickr

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