The concept of Faith is full of wonder, so when Bishop Eddy Addy of The Qodesh, Qedesh church in Ghana shared these things about Faith, you should know about them too.
It is possible that you have read or heard someone talk about Hebrews 11 before, but have you ever counted 17 things that you can do by Faith?
There are more and these 17 would get you started on your own journey.
 Hebrews 11:1 – 31 (Have Hebrews 11 opened and read along)
1.) You can obtain a good report by Faith – vs 2 – Your acts of Faith allows you to obtain a good report.
2.) You can frame your world by the word of God through Faith – vs 3
3.) You can offer a more excellent sacrifice by Faith. Sacrificial giving is enabled by Faith. vs 4
4.) You can walk with God without backsliding by Faith. vs 5 
5.) You can be an inventor by Faith. You can obey God even if you become a laughing stock or the odd one out. Faith will make you stand. – vs 7. 
6.) You can step out into new dimensions of ministry and new dimension of life by Faith. vs 8 
7.) You can endure hardship and challenging times by Faith – vs 9
8.) You can focus on God and receive heavenly blessings without distractions by Faith, including life blessings such as property and the fruit of the womb. vs 10 – 11
9.) You can offer expensive things to God by Faith – vs 17
10.) You can bless people and speak into their future by Faith – vs 20 – 22
11.) You can protect your God given dreams from attacks and discouraging comments through divine wisdom by faith. vs 23
12.) You can give up unscriptural relationships and break unholy alliances by Faith –  vs 24 – 26
13.) You can give up the land of comfort to go after God’s purpose for your life by Faith – vs 27
14.) You can keep the communion consistently by Faith –  vs 28
15.) You can survive the same hardship that drown others by Faith – vs 29
16.) You can bring down walls limiting your progress by Faith vs 30
17.) You can become more hospitable and show care by Faith vs 31
There are so many more things Faith can do. It’s your turn. What have you done by Faith?

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