I’ve read the story of Abraham taking Isaac to a mountain to sacrifice many times. It’s an incredible story. (Genesis 22)

Have you ever wondered what went through Isaac’s mind?

This happened, shortly after Abraham tied Isaac, and laid him on the alter he built. Isaac said, “Daddy wait”

Here are 12 questions Isaac asked his daddy (obviously all in my head in the 21st century)

  1. Daddy, are you remotely aware that you will be charged with murder and rot in jail for doing this?
  2. Daddy, you lied when I asked you where the sheep for the offering is. You said God will provide. You didn’t say “God has provided, It’s you Isaac.”
  3. Did God ask you to do this? I’m sure you’ll say yes, like he asked you to sleep with mum’s maid too? Then He asked you to send her away, am I correct?
  4. Did you ask the servants to stay behind so that they won’t tell mummy about this?
  5. Oh wait! Does mummy know you are doing this? I bet she doesn’t! Or maybe she does! If she doesn’t and I get to ever see her again, I’ll tell her.
  6. Were you lying all this while that you love me? Or the expression of your love is to kill me?
  7. Oh my God! You want more money and riches. Do you want to use me for blood money? (Ok, only a Nigerian child will ask that)
  8. Daddy are you having a laugh?
  9. Is this some sort of trick to see how powerful God is?
  10. God is about to perform a miracle, right daddy? You’ll kill me and then I won’t die. I have never seen that happen though?
  11. Daddy, are we immune to death in our family? You fought those kings with your servants and won. Uncle Lot didn’t die in Sodom and Gomorrah.
  12. I remember you circumcised all men, young and old, and they didn’t die too. Is that because we can’t die? Awesome!

So let’s do this then. Let’s die and not die.


If you were Isaac, what other questions would you have asked Abraham or what would have been going through your mind? Share in the comments


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  • seun

    I feel this is a typical of a great father/son realtionship, somehow Abraham has become a heroe father to Isaac, he’s become his mentor and confidant! Maybe he didn’t even ask any question when it became obvious he’s the sacrificial lamb. And there’s no record of isaac strugle.

    Your seventh question is what am not pleased with. Let us continue to make jest and put our dear country down, then we’ll see who’ll hold us in high esteem

    Its a nice piece thanks

    • ibukun


      We surely have to put Nigeria in the best light possible! and I hold myself to that standard too. Thanks for pointing that out.

      I am also glad you saw the ‘slightly’ funny side of it, and it is the reality here with what people see in the media, TV, Films, so it kinda makes it a valid question.

      Nice one on pointing out the Father / Son relationship. It really portrays Abraham as a hero who has worked to gain the confidence of his son.

  • Seun Deb

    You know, I have always wondered myself!! Is it that Isaac was so dumb he doesn’t know the difference between killing and slaughtering(which I expect him to know and have a skill in at least he would have been a cattle rearer like daddy and they would have been used to the way this animals are killed or…. on a second thought, Abraham must have so led his son in the act of obedience that anything dad does is perfect, or dad always knows what to do or I totally trust in my dad’s decisions, e.t.c. I choose to go with the latter though. Why would I question God. If God can hold back the King from sleeping with Sarah, he could have also shut his voice or shut down his self will from resisting or rebelling. All in All, God is God and there is no questioning of his acts.

    • ibukun

      Good thoughts Seun.

      I like the points on Leadership, Teaching Obedience, and God’s direct intervention.

      Thanks for sharing

  • Great questions man! It takes true obedience to follow through with what God asked him to do. He is a great example.

    • ibukun

      Absolutely Dan.
      Congrats on making the top 100 on the most shared list.

      Thanks for sharing