Here are 10 things anyone in their 20s should consider doing

Today, I have left the world of 20s, and joined the bigger boys in their 30s.

I am looking forward to the next 10 years because I know fully well they are very significant years.

 Since I haven’t lived in the future, I can only plan, and since I have lived in the past, I can also share my experience.

Here are 10 things I will advise anyone in their 20s to consider doing:

  1.  It is the prime time for exploration – Anyone in their 20s should make it a priority to explore. Unless you have already found your passion or calling, don’t stay stuck. There are many opportunities to be stuck later in life (marriage, jobs, business). Try your hands on many things, find the things you enjoy doing and do them more.
  2. Pretend that you know nothing – The unsaid truth is ‘you don’t’. This is coming from someone who has a track record of ‘superior’ intelligence. I knew a lot in my 20s and I consider myself the ‘go to guy’ in some areas, but there was still a lot for me to learn. If your cup is full you can’t have any more in it. So don’t let your learning cup get full.
  3. Get Mentors – Many 20 somethings cringe at the idea of this. Slightly because of pride, mostly out of ignorance. Mentors and coaches give you speed in life. Ask many older people, and they would have greatly cherished having someone walking them through those formative years.
  4. Be serious about Faith – Here’s the blunt truth, life changing decisions are made in the 20s that will affect your whole life. Decisions such as choice of course of study, choice of career, choice of a life partner, choice of location to settle. These are very long term decisions that 20 somethings are ‘forced’ to make.  If you think you can change any of these decisions easily later in life, think again. But if you take God seriously and with the help of the Holy Spirit, even with your ignorance, you can make ‘spot on’ decisions that will save you heartache in the future.
  5. Choose your friends carefully – Friends have a great impact on our lives at this age and it is very easy to follow the crowd. For example, many people wonder how I never (read rarely) use foul language in my speech. One of the reasons is simple, I chose friends that don’t speak foul. And if a ‘wannabe’ friend uses foul language, I will clearly explain that, to be my friend, your speech MUST be clean.  I am not asking you to be perfect, I am asking you to make a conscious decision to speak well. (ps: ever wondered why my blog is called Mind and Mouth?)
  6. Accept that mistakes will happen – Be ready to deal with failure and mistakes. You are still growing and there is room for errors. Learning to bounce back is a skill you will need later on in life. Hone it now.
  7. Find your spouse – I am not one to give advice on relationships, but be intentional about finding a wife (if male) or making yourself to be found (if female). The reason I’m including this is because, when this is not in place at a ‘certain’ time, it has the tendency to disrupt or even derail some other aspects of a really good life.
  8. Be a role model – If you have the consciousness that you are a role model, you have a higher chance of living a good life, and even more importantly give yourself a better chance in the future.  Find 1 or 2 younger people you can start mentoring as you are learning too.
  9. Take a chance – The older you get, the more risk averse you are likely to become. A Simple reason is the increase in your responsibility and because failing at an older age carries a greater impact. If you want to travel, do it now! You want to sing? Do it now! You want to play? do it now!
  10. Plan your life – You will be surprised that a few intentional decisions and desires work together to get you want you want later in life. Having a plan forces you to decide what you want and work towards it. So I have included for download my 5 year Development Plan Template for you to download and make a 5 year plan for your life.

I am not in my 20s anymore, I am now 30 years old, which means I am clueless about this new age bracket, so I need all the advice I can get.

If you are 30 and above, what advice will you give me as I make my journey into this new world?

Leave a comment and help me make the next 10 years the best ever!

Looking forward to your responses


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