I used to think the No 1 thing people feared the most is death!… but I am dead wrong!

Death was knocked back to second place… Imagine that.

There is something more scary that frightens more people than death.

Research shows that people are more afraid of this 1 thing, than death!

It is the fear of ‘PUBLIC SPEAKING

This is the story of Tammy Cohen

The first time I had to speak in public, I hardly slept for two nights beforehand and when I did doze off, I had anxiety dreams – was in the wrong room, arrived an hour too late, or was completely naked. I took four beta blockers before leaving the house to try to stop my heart racing, and felt so sick I had to stuff a plastic bag into my pocket in case the banana I’d eaten to calm my nerves made an unscheduled reappearance. When I stood up to speak my leg was trembling so much I thought it had gone into spasm. Where was I? Addressing a packed hall of dignitaries? Making an acceptance speech for a prestigious award? No, I was addressing a handful of teenagers in a classroom at my children’s school – Tammy Cohen.

While Tammy is a glossophobe (term for fear of speaking in public).. many people dread this singular thing.

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This my way of saying Happy New Year

I want to say a big thank you for supporting us in 2012. 2013 will be bigger and better.

Lots of Love.

To your success,


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