Last week, I wrote about the spiritual dimension to Problem Solving and how you can improve the skill by meditating on the word of God.

This week, this is another great one from the bible that addresses a Market Place / Life Pillar.

I was privileged to sit one-on-one with a leading Recruiter in Africa and a Project Manager friend yesterday. A few minutes into meeting each other, his question was “Do you talk”? And my reply was yes I do. (Apparently I was a bit quite)

It was obvious he valued good communication and I do too. In the course of our discussion it became very evident that good communication skill is a star skill one must possess to function well in the market place.

And I don’t mean the swear-word laden conversations that get employees trembling to get the work done. I mean good communication that fosters cooperation, brings unity and achieves progress.

If you can’t communicate well, you will struggle in the market place. In fact you will struggle in life. (I don’t mean verbal communication only)
Moses knew that fact, that’s why he didn’t want to go to Egypt when God appeared to him by the burning Bush.

Did you notice God did not say ‘Go Moses, you don’t need good communication skills to pull this off’.

God said, ‘I will be with your mouth and teach you what to say… And you can take Aaron with you too.’ [emphasis mine] Exodus 4:12 – 14

So let me say that again, If you can’t communicate well, you will struggle.
Therefore today, I want to tell you 1 thing you can start doing that will improve your communication skills and get you results!

Not many things, but 1.  1 Killer Punch, ok its not really a killer punch it is more like an important foundation.

1 gigantic first step to effective communication is…. [drum roll]

Adequate and Timely Response

Yep, that’s the big good guy of communication.

In fact communication has not taken place unless there is a response.

So if you were like me [some years ago] that ignored ‘Adequate, Timely, Response ( or just don’t know the importance), then time to change is here.

Uncle Jide (my former church department head) tried using everything to tell me this 1 point. I listened and adjusted slowly but you can listen quickly and take it on board.

If you think I’m joking about this 1 gigantically important (is there a word like that?) stuff;  let me ask you a question?

‘Have you ever gotten an e- mail that the sender requested for a ‘read receipt’? or a post that requires you to sign for it?

Exactly, Response is so important we enforce it.

Now guess what, this is not new at all. When God wanted to destroy the plan to build the Tower of Babel He cut the flow of response by disrupting their language.  When someone speaks, the other person can’t respond. Big issue, I can imagine them say ‘this is not going to work’ (maybe while pulling their hair out)

Ok, does God use a response model too?

Let’s look at a few cases

  • Burning Bush – Bush was burning Moses was, eeerm, wondering. But when he said

‘Now I will turn aside and see this great sight… When the Lord saw that he turned aside (responded) God called to him from the midst of the bush..

  • ‘ Adam, Adam, where are you?” Remember that? God came to talk to them, but they were not responding – and God doesn’t do bad communication practice, so he probed further (Genesis)
  •  Samuel, Samuel, Samuel, God kept calling (Not because He is a battery controlled toy) but as soon as Samuel said ‘Lord Here I am, your servant is listening, God started to speak.
  • Jesus, said ‘I stand by the door and knock, if any ones hears and open (responds) we will communicate even in food (empasis mine) Rev 3:20 (I can imagine Jesus brought some goodies too – maybe some non-alcoholic wine – lol) (anyone remembers the TV show come dine with me?)
  • God says “When they (you and I) call,  he will hear us and respond to our needs. Psaml 91:15, Jeremiah 33:3

Let’s throw some spiritual stuff there too.. It is one thing to lack good communication skills at work (in the physical), do you lack it in the spiritual too? Do you wait for God to respond when you speak to him? Or do you say “I’ve prayed, He’s heard, that’s it”

God wants to respond to you.

Remember communication begins when there is a response.

Take the time to start responding when you are being communicated with, even if it is just an ‘OK’ as a reply to the e-mail or text message.

When you ask someone “How are you”, learn to pause to hear their reply.

If u start doing this 1 thing, If you start giving ‘Adequate and Timely response,  you will be on the way to communicating better.


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