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17 things you can do by Faith that you probably didn’t know

The concept of Faith is full of wonder, so when Bishop Eddy Addy of The Qodesh, Qedesh church in Ghana shared these things about Faith, you should know about them too. It is possible that you have read or heard someone talk about Hebrews 11 before, but have you ever counted 17 things that you can do by Faith? There are...

Why do we share problems with Pastors?

Why do we share problems with Pastors?
Why do we share problems with Pastors? I will delete the last two words – ‘with Pastors’ and change it to ‘Why do we share problems?’ That is so much easier to answer. Problem shared is problem halved, and there is now research data to back it up.  When you share your problems: ·       You feel light and relieved, like the burden has been shared. ·    ...

What type of procrastinator are you?

According to Leon Ho's chart, you could be a Chicken, Ostrich, Perfectionist, Daredevil or Self-Saboteur procrastinator. Whichever one you are, being a procrastinator can easily derail your career (and your life). This is a good time to take action. 1. Identify your triggers: the 5 types of procrastinator Identifying the type of procrastination you personally experience is an essential step for you...

The Interactive Water Bottle That Turn Your Kids into “Water-holics” And Syncs Water Consumption With Your Phone

For health benefits, humans are required to stay hydrated – adults and children alike. Staying hydrated actually means having enough fluid and electrolyte in the body and the best way to achieve this is by drinking enough water on a daily basis. Children, being children, do not understand this and it is highly frustrating when they refuse to drink an adequate...

Merry Christmas from Mind and Mouth

Wishing you Love, Joy, Peace and Good Tidings.

Stop Procrastinating and Finish What You Start

Procrastination, laziness, and overwhelm may be the defining problems of our generation. Here are 3 strategies to help you overcome procrastination.

Employer vs Employee Lingo and what they mean

This is funny, but is it true? We'd let HR Managers and you weigh in. Employer's Lingo "Competitive salary" We remain competitive by paying less than our competitors. "Join our fast-paced team" We have no time to train you. "Problem-Solving skills a must" You're walking into a company in perpetual chaos. "Casual work atmosphere" We don't pay enough to expect that you'll dress up; well, a couple of the real daring...

God Is In This Place

This is a song that is so lovely and powerful at the same time. Declaring God's presence.  

14 Ways to Improve Your Self-discipline

14 ways to improve your self discipline
Self-discipline is a great asset to progress in your career. It ensures you are focused on the tasks that can get you the most results. These are 14 tips to improve your Self-discipline.  

Introducing Better Insights into How Your Ads Work on Facebook

One of the issues plaguing Facebook Ads’ system over the years has been the struggle associated with mining data and insight from the platform. Facebook has continued to enhance their system, launching an all-new Estimated Daily Results, along with upgrades to Delivery Insights. The changes not only aid in planning, but also shed light on Auction Metrics including overlapping...

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. Take a bold step forward. Don't let doubt stop you! #failforward #mondaymotivation

You can trust God

During World War II, in the terrible days of the Blitz, a father, holding his small son by the hand, ran from a building that had been struck by a bomb. In the front yard was a shell hole. Seeking shelter as quickly as possible, the father jumped into the hole and held up his arms for his son to...

What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex!

Shed Simove sought to answer the question 'What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex' Surprising he came up with nothing and wrote a book about it with nothing (literally). It was a book of blank pages. In response to a simple question on the Q & A site Quora, what is the weirdest way someone has become a millionaire? Shed...

Make the most of your insecurity

In a recent email I got from Ramit Sethi, he shared what a former Facebook employee said about insecurity. Noah Kagan’s founded two multimillion-dollar businesses. And he lives an amazing life enjoying himself around the world working from his laptop. But what’s most interesting isn’t his success. It’s how he got there. After getting an amazing job as employee #30 at Facebook,...

What A Beautiful Name It Is – Hillsong

Declaring the beautiful, wonderful and powerful name of Jesus.  

When you are done dreaming, wake up to start the journey!

It is important to dream big, but you've got to wake up to get things done! #gettingthingsdone #wakeup #dreambig

A Super Easy Way to Motivate Yourself to Follow Through on Goals

Some people say what motivates us to stick to our goals is the end result—for example, if I put time into learning the ins and outs of Excel, I’d be able to pull budget reports so much faster. But personally, I’m pretty impatient, which means I can’t wait months to reap the benefits of spending my evenings taking an...

4 things every career professional must do in a recession to be a STAR

Are you a career professional? What are you doing to prepare for BOOM time? I decided to shoot a video and show you 4 things you must do now while many claim there is still recession. I plan to shoot a lot more video so this is the first of many. The funny thing is I just put on my phone camera, held...

God still provides, no matter how small

My colleague walked into the meeting room to give me feedback about a meeting from yesterday. Ibukun, this is for you. She pushed over a tin of Milo, and my jaw dropped. Almost every morning, Idara makes me cold chocolate Milo drink (I don't like hot beverage), but this morning, she didn't. I asked why and she told me, there's not much Milo...

Show Earth some love this Valentine

This really nice creative post from Instagram's page is nice. Show earth some love. Show Earth some love everyday. Happy Valentines day #thinkgreen #gogreen #begreen #happyvalentinesday A post shared by Environmental Girl (@environmentalgirl) on Feb 14, 2017 at 12:26am PST

Why I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day

Happy Valentine’s Day (Just in case you forgot). I have reminded you now, so you officially have no excuse. As I rolled out of bed in natural form, I knew it was valentine’s day. I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day. That’s exactly what I told myself and people many years ago. This is how it started. I went to visit one of my female friends...

10 Cover Letter Tips You Must Know

If you are looking for a job, the following is a process you should understand and appreciate. COVER LETTER >> CV/RESUME >> INTERVIEW >> JOB The cover letter gives enough intrigue for the hiring manager to check your CV above anyone else. The CV gives enough detailed information that the hiring manager decides to speak with you in person at the interview. At...

5 lessons from Roger Federer Winning the Australian Open 2017

6 months out for @rogerfederer and straight to win @AustralianOpen beating @rafaelnadal There is an encouragement here' Even if you've had setbacks, or been out of the game for a while or out of work or you feel you are tool old... Be encouraged. Do this: 1.) Have a good team of people around you, not naysayers. 2.) Put in...

What is the single insight that most changed your life?

I was on the popular Question & Answer site Quora recently and a user asked the question: What is the single insight that most changed your life? The response from a user called Marshall Karp was a 'perfect' answer it was viewed more than 89,000 times and upvoted more than 2,000 times. I want to share that response with you because it will...

It’s my birthday today (13th January)

It's my birthday.   I took out my phone and launched the camera app. I was about to hit capture and hear the all familiar sound 'CHK' when I realised the camera was in selfie mode.   I starred at me for a bit, flipped the camera around and took a picture of the plane as we took off to Ghana a few...

How do you want to be remembered?

Lucy was born in 1933. A beautiful young lady, she got married when she was 18 years old. 9 years into the marriage, tragedy struck as her husband died when she was only 27 and left her with the 3 boys. Lucy made a decision not to marry again, instead she devoted her time to raising her 3 boys to be...

Describe 2016 in 1 Word

How has 2016 for been for you? If you were to describe 2016 with only 1 word, what will it be? (Click here to share) My one word to describe 2016 is …………………..

A poem for our 3rd Year Wedding Anniversary

We are 3!!! And we grateful to God for helping thus far. I wrote a poem to celebrate us... Watch!  

Secrets Of The Most Successful Companies In The World [22 – 29]

This is the fourth installment in this series countdown to 49 Secrets of the most successful companies in the world by world acclaimed business consultant, Jay Abraham Secret #22: Better Questioning The most successful companies ask the best questions on a continuous basis. They examine and re- examine their business continually. They are aware of the business and are always asking what...

Ace your next interview by getting better at these 3 things

I’ve recently had to conduct interviews for Senior Sales Executive role and I am still shocked at how unprepared people are for interviews (especially when they claim they are looking for a job). But that is a different issue to be addressed later. Today, I want to quickly show you 3 things you can be better at that will help you...
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